Arnie tries for subtlety, with guns, in 'Sabotage'


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“There was the weapons training and I said, ‘Why do I need weapons training? I mean, I’ve shot more guns than anyone in movie history. I’ve killed more people than anyone so why do we need to go through weapons training.’

Assuming "I" refers to "Arnie", we read the next paragraph,

“He said, ‘Go down to the LA SWAT team and you have to figure this out. I want you to learn the ballet of this team’.”

Who is "he"? David Ayer? Let's determine who is being discussed before using pronouns?

While there is some subtlety, the film doesn’t skimp on action and violence, notably strong in showing the bodies mutilated by the mystery killer.

Well, that's a relief. I really hope there's some witty one-liners, a car chase, sexy girls, and explosions too. In fact, I think I will escort my wife to a first class restaurant, before proceeding to the cinema to watch this visual extravaganza. Or maybe I'll read a book instead.

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Arnold is about as subtle as a guy who takes a Viagra and then wears sweatpants to the dorm dining hall.

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"He has four other films in the works, including a return to the cyborg role which made him famous in “Terminator: Genesis,” due out next year."

I knew Arnie would be back as the Terminator!

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Killer cyborg robots that are made to look 66 years old? That can't be right. Considering the subtitle is "Genesis", I could see if his role was the creator of the cyborgs (before they get all homicidal) and he made them in the image of his younger self.

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Unfortunately 'Sabotage' tanked at the US box office.

It follows a string of Arnie flop-a-roos on his ill fated movie comeback tour.

Sadly I think time has passed Arnold by. No doubt the upcoming Terminator will have a good chance of being a hit, but still.

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After being governor of Cali he should have finalized his character in Conan as the troubled King. Why doesn't he do something cool like hunt down Ivory poachers and follow the money to China where they are selling human organs as well as Ivory and Rhino horn or go to the Amazon and kill those who are murdering indigenous tribes and burning down the rainforest to graze cattle for McDonalds.

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