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Arnold (but little else) is back in 'Terminator'


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The first was the best. Bring back slower but sensible, straightforward storytelling.

The eerie music in the first also helped make it unforgettable.

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The first two were really great - both very watchable and enjoyable and I thought they tied the whole plot line up perfectly at the end of T2.

Then the third one came out and it was pretty meh.

The fourth one was basically garbage (though I thought Sam Worthington was pretty good in his role. Christopher Bale`s John Conner was just plain terrible though). Whereas I have been able to relegate T3 to the "dont care/ forgot about it quickly" category, T4 I have a very highly developed dislike for. The whole storyline, and the ending, just rub me the wrong way (mostly because of the John Conner character).

Now, this. More garbage, but with Arnold again. At least no Christoper Bale I guess.

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This just made me want to rewatch the original, and skip the new one.

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As Alex Garland’s recent “Ex Machina” showed, those are questions worth rebooting.

Ex Machina, wow- that movie's a mind blow.

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Dear Hollywood. Just... stop. Please, just stop.

You know what must be done. Hollywood has long been the plaything of the beancounter and the executive and has become creatively bankrupt. The only way to hurt a beancounter or an executive is in the wallet.

In other words, stop using a franchise name as an excuse to line their bank accounts. If it's crap, stop watching. Don't assume that prior success will guarantee a good film. Until we get that straight, Hollywood will continue to think in terms of producing sequels, reboots and spinoffs to keep the bottom line sweet.

To an extent, you can call the Terminator series an allegory for the downward creative path that wHollyweird has undertaken. ^_^

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kuri basically spoiled the movie.... but the preview did just about the same.....

and making excuses for Arnold's aging is just pathetic!!! they're basically saying, 'NO ARNOLD, NO MOVIE.'

and ya know what? THEY'E RIGHT!!!! this series gave two AWESOME movies, and the rest horrible. let it go already!!!

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The first two were really great

This is exactly how I've felt about many franchises, like Terminator, Alien and Halloween. They really should have stopped them at the right time. But I gue$$ there'$ a rea$on why they didn't.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Like so many of these flogged to death series, the later ones actually ruin the enjoyment one remebers from the earlier ones. Maybe i was just younger and less cynical (like Arnie??)

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Bring back Cameron - Summer Glau was an amazing Terminator in the SC Chronicles - and finish her story and timeline.

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I think Arnold also signed up for a Tv-Series, upto now he played a T-800 but due to his age he will play an older T-600 model vs a CG T-800.

Fully T-1 and T-2 were great and should have ended there.

Imagine the make a Sequel to Soylent Green or Silent Running, said that expect a Sequel to The Black Hole from Disney.

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I'll watch it on the intertubes, and take a sip for every act of violence.

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Can't blame the suits raking in the money from what they correctly gauge as ignorant mindless consumers.

Can't I?

In a way, you're right. The "suits" will continue to make stuff like this as long as the knuckledraggers continue to cough up for it. While this doesn't necessarily mean that what gets produced is likely to be bad, the only thing these execs see is a franchise, a name that is guaranteed to get bums on seats, often with minimal effort.

We know that people will be fooled by this tactic. Can we blame these people? Of course we can, but we can hardly place all the blame on them.

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Dear Hollywood. Just... stop. Please, just stop.

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Totally agree..that was an awesome series!...They really screwed the pooch when they canceled it

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And what about these others "I haven't seen it, but after reading this review, will avoid it"? Such boring, and bored, people.

@LostinNagoy. Good point. & these are the same people who wouldn't know a great flick' even if the DVD player wacked them up-side the head-

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Um... will there be another one after this? Arnold said, "I'll be back!" once too often though - I think he should go back to Austria and join a if he should accept another Terminator flick...

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He should retire before he's "terminated".

He cannot self terminate.

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I'm a terminator fan from way back but after seeing T3 I knew my love remained with T1 & T2. My fav character from the movies is Michael Biehn's version of Kyle Reese from T1.

T1 Kyle Reese looked like he came from a bleak future of constant attack, white light, & a diet of rats. He was a very sympathetic character that seemed quite realistic. His sacrifice for Sarah gave a gritty end to the movie I appreciated - despite traumatising me as I was quite young at the time. Jai Courtney's version of Kyle doesn't look or act like a guy from a desolate future where people are struggling to survive, he looks more like he's in the gym most of the week & sucking down protein shakes in his spare time. Pretty disappointing character development but not surprised the way movies are being made now days.

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I enjoyed it for what it is,,,,Science Fiction ! & a few good laughs from Der Schwarz man! What more can you ask for than that?

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Terminater is my favrt movie..i like Arnold..Entertainment

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Can't believe this critic is "philosophying" a meaning to these sci-fi movies. What a profession, hun? Why not just see it as it is: a sci-fi movie, and enjoy it. And what about these others "I haven't seen it, but after reading this review, will avoid it"? Such boring, and bored, people.

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Terminator is 67 y/o and with a fat bank account. He should retire before he's "terminated".

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

I thought it amazing that John Conner turns out to be a terminator himself as a result of being operated on by the advanced sentient machines- never expected that !

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

I thought it was passable. better than the last installment which I didn't care for at all. And luckily I avoided being spoiled by the big plot twist. Even though they stick it in the trailer -and- the movie poster. I guess I was lucky I was being distracted that day.

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