'Arrival' serves up alien invasion with brains


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This looks like a great movie. I look forward to seeing it when it gets released in Japan in May next year.

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Was this movie intentionally released just after the US election? How many people have actually counted the number of President-elect Trump's legs? But it does indeed sound like an interesting flick.

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Hey guys. It's a coincident, a Hindi movie called PK,about an alien is in theaters here in Japan.I recommend it.

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I saw the trailer and I wondered why the aliens would bother sending such large ship BEFORE figuring out the whole communication thing...

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It's based on Ted Chiang's "Stories of your life". A really great read.

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Like the story, not thrilled with those ship designs. I would have more for those bizarre fluxing pyramidal floating shapes in the last section of 2001. (Just one of many Doug Trumbull design elements that were upper cool). Or a pine cone.

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I've come to really like Sci-Fi as a genre in recent years. Space is the great frontier and I think the way we project our imagination into that realm as subject matter for films makes for generally quite engaging movies, so I'm keen to see this.

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Sounds like District 9. That was also produced on a low budget. There is no reason to suppose that alien visitors would be hostile, that is humanity projecting Matthew Perry's gunboat diplomacy onto alien visitors. If they can travel great distances through the universe, chances are that Humanity is mealy a curiosity to them as they would possess the technology to wipe us out in the blink of an eye or they are so advanced that they are just out taking a joyride around the universe when they happen upon Earth. Either way, their science and technology would make our weapons look like stone ages axes to them.

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Sounds awesome.

Zed Phillips: "Sounds like District 9"

Except it doesn't, not at all. District 9 was an allusion to Apartheid and the suffering people in South Africa went through (and still do to an extent).

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