As 'Black Panther' shows, inclusion pays at the box office


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The audience for "Black Panther" was 65 percent non-white

I never quite get that description. It comes across like whiteness is a default setting we should all aspire to.

Anyway, only 2 weeks to go!

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This diversity and inclusion is going way too far.....affirmative action never works. Next it will be a multi-racial overweight transgendered yoga pants wearing.....etcetcetc....you get the idea!

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Black Panther, the Marvel character has been around for over 50 years. Is the idea of him getting a film so terrifying to some people?

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affirmative action never works.

Did you read the story or just go with a knee jerk reaction?

The decision to make the movie was calculated to make money by (1) being good, and (2) reaching a wider market.

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Inclusion is good business. Next up "Tranny Granny" overcoming sexual and age stereotypes!

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werent the Black Panthers a domestic terrorist group affiliated with Patty Hearst and Charles Manson?

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Black Panther opening box office is even higher than pundits' already lofty expectations - they predicted around $160 million; the film did $201 million, despite a snowstorm in the US midwest and northeast

Best ever February opening, fifth-best of all time, #1 film directed by an African-American

The hype is real - people actually went out and see it

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it is not inclusion, it is exclusion. And if a white person DARES to say a slightly negative thing about this film his career will be over.

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Nan FerraFeb. 20  10:21 pm JST

werent the Black Panthers a domestic terrorist group affiliated with Patty Hearst and Charles Manson?

The Marvel character first debut was July of 1966. The Black Panther Party was founded in October, after the Marvel character was released. Their having a similar name is just a meaningless coincidence. Wikipedia is your friend.

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Dango bongToday  07:35 am JST

it is not inclusion, it is exclusion.

A single movie with a primarily black cast is wildly successful, and we immediately get cries that white people are excluded from Hollywood.

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I think it has nothing to do with inclusion. It is just a good time movie, that is it. People are being way too extremists about inclusive. I read on Twitter a comment like this "I hated going to watch the movie and seeing white people down the line". I mean, what sort of inclusion of its this??

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Can’t wait!! It’s going to be awesome!! I’m going to get a large popcorn and a Big Gulp of white tears!! LOL!!

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@Lost in Nagoya - you made a very good comment.

Martin Luther King said, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

I guess I would apply the same to the movie. Is it a good movie or not?

Do racists exist in the U.S.? (and in Canada, and in Japan, and in Korea, and in Europe, and in Africa).....Of course!

What this tells me is most Americans (in spite of what the media wants to tell us) are not racist. President Barrack Obama was elected by a majority of white people. White people are flocking to this movie and giving it rave reviews.

As a darker complected Caucasian man I will say I have yet to see the movie but if it is as good as everyone says then I will certainly try to see it when I can.

The media and politicians are doing their best to divide Americans (by race, by political persuasion, etc.), however this shows me that maybe their efforts are in vain. I see this as a positive.

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Black Panther, the Marvel character has been around for over 50 years. Is the idea of him getting a film so terrifying to some people?

It's not fear, it's disgust. It's a turn off that no matter how much progress America makes racially, victocrats are constantly pushing the racist agenda. To them, the US is still stuck in 1960, and white hoods lurk around every corner. Instead of "non-whites" simply being called Americans, we have to hear about the first Afroamerican to do this, the first Asian American to do that. There have been studies of television that show minorities--especially blacks--appeared on tv as doctors, lawyers, and other professionals 20% of the time, despite blacks in America actually not being that percentage of those professions in real life. Similarly, the same study found that blacks were criminals on tv just 10% of the time, despite actually committing 40% of crime in real America. But then you have the professional victims cry that Hollywood is white. Current America has the most anti-discrimination laws of any country; racial inequality is lower than ever; black Americans live lives blacks in any other country would kill for. Yet, we must be subjected to the racial hype of this movie, as if there are no black CEOs, doctors, managers, lawyers, etc in America right now. Let's ignore that. Let's all pretend it's 1965 and let's go watch a racially charged propaganda movie. Wakanda is more advanced than any country in Africa is or ever has been. But we need to boost the group's self esteem because America is still shrouded in Jim Crow style racism.

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Actually mr noidall, there is a very interesting reviewer who believes Black Panther represents none other than President Trump while the bad guys in the movie represent BLM!


It’s still a comic book movie for children, but the message may not be as bad as we thought!

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Breitbart a bad version of an adult comic.

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Disney has verified this morning what we saw in the middle of the night, that T’Challa recorded the second-best Sunday ever at the domestic box office. Its $60.1 million (higher than the industry’s $59.55M estimate last night) ranks only behind the all-time record held by Disney/Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($60.5M on December 20, 2015).

Another factor juicing ticket sales, as we mentioned earlier, is that the ages 18-24 crowd comes out in bulk after 10 PM, and that contributes to the swing factor with these forecasts by the time the sun comes up.

Leading demos: Men under 25 (29%), men 25+ (27%), women 25+ (23%) and women under 25 (21%).

Females also turned out in force to see Black Panther, heralded for its portrayal of strong women, making up 45 percent of all ticket buyers (that share is usually 35 percent to 40 percent on a superhero movie's opening weekend).

Black Panther in CinemaScore audience exits shows a 50/50 male-female audience with 25+ repping 66% of the crowd.

Fandango is reporting a significantly higher rate of repeat customers for Black Panther than it has seen for other superhero movies on an opening weekend. Group sales are unprecedented for Black Panther in a way that no Disney or exhibition insider has ever seen before.

“It’s not like anything we’ve ever experienced before, it has taken on its own life,” added Hollis on Black Panther‘s B.O. pace, which has torn up all previous comps, “The way people are talking about the experience is that, ‘I saw it on Thursday, but I’m coming back on Saturday, and might be back on Tuesday.'”

“Whatever you think the box office is, it always does better,” beams Imax CEO Greg Foster about Black Panther‘s momentum. “I wish I had more seats to sell.”

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Inclusion as in 'Here's your focus marketable tokens.' See... Hollywood understands the plight. We've got to do something about these indiscriminate car chases through your streets.

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Breitbart a bad version of an adult comic.

To misquote another poster:

If you are over the age of 18 and look to Breitbart for news, moral lessons, or both, you need to grow the heck up. And fast.

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