Asian-American filmmakers dismayed at Golden Globe rule on 'Minari'


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I agree with Mr Kim, this is an American story, Americans speak many languages and should be celebrated in contemporary culture. The GG rules sux!

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expressed dismay that South Korean drama "Minari" will compete for honors at next year's Golden Globes in the foreign language category

the dialogue is predominantly Korean

Why is this difficult to understand?

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This is nothing new, Hispanic productions have made this same point. English is not the official language of the USA, it has no Nationally recognised official language. This 50% rule goes against many state official languages, Hawaii has 2 official languages, Alaska has 20 native plus English other states and territories have Spanish and English. It seems that these awards are stuck in the past still refusing to acknowledge what has always been a country with multiple languages and cultures.

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English is not the official language of the USA, it has no Nationally recognised official language. 

That’s nice. Why are all government documents in English? Let me answer that for you. Because it’s the common tongue. More Americans speak English than any other language.

Now, for all those who don’t know the language of Korea, I’ll tell you: Korean. It also happens to be the language of the people where this drama comes from. I know because it says “South Korean drama” in the first paragraph.

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Being it is spoken mostly in a foreign language there should be no surprise it is in the foreign language category. The question may better be said, why can it not be in best drama category as well? Most films are entered in multiple categories anyway and if on its merits it is a contender then it should be in both. Perhaps they need best English language drama, best foreign language drama and then best drama of any category.

Sadly you can work hard but you can rarely make everyone happy.

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I can understand their disappointment. A great film deserves the chance to compete with all other great films regardless of language. However, the golden globe sets their rules. As frustrating as it can be, we just have to accept it or start something more inclusive and with a wider acceptance scope.

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I see the Koreans "you forever owe me" spirit has successfully got into America. You have my sympathy. Haha

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Does anyone actually remember - or ever know - who/what won last year, or 2-3 years ago? Do these “awards” have any credibility these days, really?

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Perhaps American-English films should be allowed into the foreign-language film category too? Fair is fair.

The rules are spelled out: https://www.goldenglobes.com/articles/hfpa-modifies-eligibility-rules-foreign-films-light-covid-19

These aren't government awards. They a private, commercial, awards and can have or change their rules as they like.

Would be interested in seeing how the Korean experience was different from the Vietnamese refugees settled there in the late 1970s.

Most Americans will avoid subtitled films.

US government documents are available in a number of different languages. English being the main language, it is almost always assumed. ACA documents are available in over 10+ different languages. Each contact includes ow to get it in each other language regardless of any prior language preferences. A 1 pg notice includes 3 pgs of the other languages for a total of 4 pages - 3 wasted.

But the Golden Globes has ZERO, Nothing, Nada, Nichts, Nil, Zilch, nought, to do with the US govt.

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Hey, them Asian movies is full of kung fu stuff, so y'all need to put them in the Charlie Chan category.

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But the Golden Globes has ZERO, Nothing, Nada, Nichts, Nil, Zilch, nought, to do with the US govt.

Spot on!

The fact that they are both American and are run by Americans who speak more English than Korean or any other language has Zero, Nothing, Nada, Nicht, Zilch, nought to do with anything.


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