Asian American girls saw pivotal icon in 'Baby-Sitters Club'


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Pretty girl!

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Rightly wary of cultural cleavages developing, the source countries of Angry Asian Man and his ethnic confreres featured here are almost uniformly resistant to these kinds of demands for cultural pluralism when voiced by expatriate communities that have made their home in those countries. Whilst I’ve got nothing but the greatest respect for Claudia, the granddaughter of an internment camp ‘survivor’, we are left wondering why the societies from which many of these activists derive prove so highly resistant to the siren call of diversity when it’s self evident that they’re only deluding themselves.

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Pretty girl!

How shallow. The first thing I would have said is 'How's her acting?'


Yeah, whatever

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   Pretty girl!

How shallow. The first thing I would have said is 'How's her acting?'

Not shallow and I haven't seen the movie so I don't know about her acting.

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   Pretty girl!

How shallow. The first thing I would have said is 'How's her acting?'

Pretty girl. Beautiful boy. Beautiful actress. Handsome actor are all valid comments.

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Recently, I was very impressed with the acting of a 9 year girl, Brooklynn Prince in an Apple production Home Before Dark.

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Claudia Kishi happened to be everything the "model minority" stereotype wasn't. She got bad grades. She thrived in art and fashion. She wasn't struggling to belong.

And going for gravure?

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This obsession with race is getting tiring.

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"but the '80s weren't exactly conducive to Asian American writers.

Asians were about 1.5% of the US population at the time, so, yeah, no wonder there weren't many Asian writers around. LOL. Some of the ones who were around, like Amy Tan, were astoundingly popular.

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