Asian cinema award jury hits out at Chinese film industry

By Becky Davis

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"Wolf Warrior 2" -- which centres on a group of Chinese soldiers saving war-ravaged Africans from Western baddies -- is China's official Oscar submission for best foreign language film.

Any so called "barbaric" Westerner can spot the political motives of this movie a mile away. We are all aware that nothing gets approved in China without the governments tick of approval and therefore nothing that comes out of that country can really be trusted as reflective of the truth or in the case of fictional movies, as something that doesn't have political motives hidden inside a fictional story.

That's how most Westerners see any sort of film or documentary coming out of China and its backed up by the reality of how the Chinese system operates. How Japanese or Africans or Latin Americans might view it, I have no idea, but if they know anything about China, they should be highly suspicious.

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@Matt Hartwell, you are wrong about the influence of Chinese government about truth.

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I always found it odd that only silly Chinese movies like red cliff, the wall and dragon blade had major releases and never a more serious movie (unless I missed some titles?) but I totally forgot about the governments involvement and censorship. That must be really tough for filmmakers there.

On the other hand, Japan has no real censorship and still releases silly monster and fantasy movies.

At the moment Korea is for me the qualitative better filmmaking country out of the three.

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