Asian stars woo Western record market


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But they're still going to miss their target if they're going after the RECORD market. That would be like Asian actors trying to enter the silent film industry.

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...a very long road. But hey, 99.999% of the mainstream commercial music is utter diatribe - so more power. Go forth and sell you McMusic to the tone deaf and taste-challenged of the West!

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20 years ago this idea would've been laughable. Now, given the terribly degraded state of Western "pop" music these state-backed Asians may just pull this off....

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The only 'pop' music the west is interested in now are actually dance tracks with crappy vocals that can only be enjoyed with party pills. Can Asia match this kind of depravity? I think not!

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I notice no AKB48 'stars' were over there. No surprise.

But were there really only the two there? I could have seen perhaps a couple of other (aside from the aforementioned, that is) Japanese artists, as well as some Korean artists going over as well.

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The only westerners interested in asian music would be those westerners who also happen to be asian. And maybe a few anime/manga nerds - but that's about it!!

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Why didn't SMAP go? They are all tone deaf and could have been a treat for a real demanding audience.

What about KARA with those lovely leg limbs? 脚線美

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Asian starts woo and...who else?

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yeah no shiz! asians are hotter ^^ jpop/jrock is the best <3

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ah BTW piercings and tatts would look hot on asians__^

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Shonen Knife was the peak. Get over it.

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I am with Mabodofu, I think AKB48, KARA etc..can maybe make hit overseas because they are just so incredibly cute, no nose rings, tattoos and all that other crap that you see on many young western singers, and just to be fare at any live club over in Shibuya, so they are a breath of fresh air and good role models as opposed to drugged out hip hop/hard rock singers.

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Asians breaking the international markets? hahaha what a futile attempt, as if they could break the sanity barrier. All those successful acts on the global charts like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Nick Minaj got where they are because the listeners are either drunk off their arses or on drugs. For Asian artists who hail from countries that have strict laws against weed, it's virtually impossible to understand what music druggies like.

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The only westerners interested in asian music would be those westerners who also happen to be asian. And maybe a few anime/manga nerds - but that's about it!!

So true, The appreciative gulf between Eastern and Western music seems to be crossable by only those who are ...quirky. You can find that most Japanese who listen to western pop music are somewhat unstable. Even worse, those teenagers or 20 somethings who listen to English speaking indie music are sure to have identity disorders and exhibit anti-social behaviour.

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