At 50, 'Sesame Street' still going strong -- and big honor awaits


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They have a lot of potential to leverage the brand for amusement parks, educational products, etc. How about even a Big Bird fried chicken restaurant?

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"Sesame Street really aimed at a demographic, a target audience that didn't necessarily have the luxury of other kinds of curriculum," Thompson noted.

"There were immigrants, Spanish speakers and people of color on 'Sesame Street'," he added -- a welcome haven of diversity, even in 1970s America.

On my way to where the air is sweet

Sesame Street was created to give children of minorities and underprivileged the help they needed to catch up to the children of privileged education

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Sesame Street makes learning the 'basics' and education FUN! it also teaches kids to respect each other as equals. I grew up with it and it's good for all of us. I saw a French language version of this on Montreal TV and they were using puppets with ZZ Top beards to teach kids about the letter 'Z'. Cool!

Viva Sesame Street! God Bless Sesame Street!

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