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At 50, TV's ‘The Waltons’ still stirs fans’ love, nostalgia


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A truly GREAT TV show that was very successful because people could deeply relate to the lessons in each episode.

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Watched it as a kid. Coming from a large family myself our bedtime "goodnights" were somewhat different and not as peaceful :)

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I had to watch it as a kid. I have zero interest in it now.

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I had to watch it as a kid. I have zero interest in it now.

I agree, but it was a true classic, a time when life was still simple and normal

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I never saw the Waltons. I guess for me, what stirs nostalgia is Ultraman.

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I hope they never "remake" the show.

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“Good night, John-Boy!” - still remember hearing my siblings yelling that between the different bedrooms, almost every night. We were a very full house of kids. Don't think I've ever actually saw that TV show.

Did watch Ultraman after school. There was usually some Japanese anime show like Battle of the Planets (remake of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman) or Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato, once Ultraman was finished. Found them a few years ago and didn't realize how terrible they were.

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It was popular in the UK for a time back in the 80's, never did understand why. My guess was that it was because it was shown on Sunday mornings so the religious lot were tuning in.

I utterly despised that theme tune though, something about it just annoyed the hell out of me.

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Among the Waltons, Walton Simons was always the most influential.

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Aaaah, actually No. It doesn’t.

I never watched it before and still don’t

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