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At 70, 'The Third Man' still thrills fans despite Viennese snub

By Sophie MAKRIS

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Interesting. This is one of my top 5 favorite movies, not least because of the soundtrack and cinematography. The atmosphere is probably what makes it so unforgettable.

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I can still hear the theme music. It a classic spy thriller.

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One of the greatest movies of all time. I'll never forget the first time I saw it, when Harry strikes the match and you see his face for the first time... and all the shadows running down the rain-slicked streets.

Black and white. Imagine how much less of a film it would've been if it had been in colour.

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A fantastic film.

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I also enjoyed the radio show. If there other "radio noir" and OTR enthusiasts here, episodes of The Third Man\Harry Lime radio shows can be heard online at

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Big Yen: Harry's face is first revealed by a ranting elderly Viennese woman (so authentic) switching the light on in her upstairs apartment to complain about the noise. (Holly is shouting at someone who is hiding in a doorway.) The light from the window shines on Harry's face. But the girlfriend's cat that according to her only liked Harry is at the person's feet and has already given the game away to us. To what point do you stand by your friend..... the moral question and in all aspects of film making a perfect film.

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If I had to choose just two old films, I would choose "Casablanca," and "Seven Samurai." While I have tremendous affection for "The Third Man," my personal choice would be the ones mentioned.

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This article just prompted me to watch it. Great movie. That very last scene where she walks down the street past him is brilliant.... and sadly haunting.

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I love noir and the Third Man is a great example of it.

Does the Hankyu train line in Osaka still play the Third Man theme to signify the last train is about to leave? They used to at Umeda twenty years ago when I used it. It's much better than Auld Lang Syne.

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Patrick Kimura-Macke:

You're right, I had it wrong... funny how the memory plays tricks like that. And the cat too.

Of course Harry being played by the legendary Orson, taking his sweet time making his big entrance, just added to the mystique.

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