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At 79, Rod Stewart shows no signs of slowing down, with a new swing album with Jools Holland


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79!, 79, can you believe it? I remember my mummy has Rod Stewart albums and played often, my dad didn’t he liked rock and roll and all that.

Saw Jools Holland in a pub in Bermondsey around 1990 with a couple of his chums, totally wasted and very jovial, lol.

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I think everyone’s mummy was a fan or Rod Stewart at some point. My mummy liked him. How about other reader’s mummies?

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Love swing. Can’t stand jazz

Glad to hear this.

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Liked me some Rodney back in my youth. Still have his Greatest Hits on vinyl, the one in pink, and he’s wearing a pink lamé jacket. Might dig it out later.

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The man loves life, that's his secret, especially his kids!

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I can't say I'm that interested in a 79 year old Rod Stewart doing well-known standards, but what a singer back in the day.

I suppose the danger in 2024 is that any young vocalist with a voice as distinctive as Rod Stewart would get their vocals heavily processed with pitch correction. We wouldn't get to hear them as is. We'd just get some glossy fake version instead.

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He rocked hard when he was with the Faces. Stopped listening when he went solo.

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The Faces were great and he always gave a good show. He also hit on my older sister, who was 14 or 15 at the time. She's pushing 70 now - times flies.

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