Atsuko Kurusu tells story behind her attempt at suicide


Ex-gravure idol and "tarento" Atsuko Kurusu, 31, who made waves earlier this month with a blog entry on June 15 saying she was "mentally and physically exhausted," tells all in the June 23 issue of popular weekly magazine, "Josei Jishin" about her personal troubles and attempted suicide.

According to the magazine, Kurusu was driven to exhaustion over strife in her relationship with a younger actor. The two had been dating since 2007, and had been living together, but after a fight where he called her a "demon," Kurusu felt she could no longer handle the emotional stress, and attempted suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills. She had also lent her beau money spiraling into the millions of yen.

The pair split up last year and the actor promised he would repay Kurusu, but came to her again in June saying he couldn't get the money together. Kurusu's management agency told Sankei Sports magazine, "While we won't reveal the name of her ex, there is proof of how much money he owes and that he agreed to repay her. Kurusu is considering holding a press conference in a few days."

Rumors of the name of Kurusu's ex-boyfriend have leaked on the Internet. The management company of the actor, who is a stage performer that has appeared in shows such as "Tennis no Ojisama," stated, "This is the first we've heard of the issue and we're quite surprised."

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older woman, younger guy

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Blah, Blah, Blah. Again , who cares!

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norirad21 -- you must not live in Japan. A 31 year-old "ex-gravure idol and talento" hardly qualifies as a "woman" by most accepted definitions, except possibly age. My guess is she probably has the maturity of about a 17 year-old. Which is potentially why she got into this predicament.

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Man...I've heard from J friends that a woman's romantic life is pretty much over once she hits 30, is this what they meant? Frickin sad. I think I'd rather be alone than have to put up with some leaching, manipulative jerk. Kurusu-san, don't let some loser push you over the edge. You can always find an American guy who will treat you like a queen!

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Wow, being called a demon must really hurt!

Press conference? What for? Is she going to solve the Middle East crisis?


You can always find an American guy who will treat you like a queen!

You'll probably have to treat her like a kid.

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Well, I'm not a guy and she's really not my type, so I doubt I'd be the one "treating her like a kid", but she can definitely do a lot better than some conceited jerk who steals her money and treats her like dirt. I'm just saying, she can do a LOT better than some boy-man who makes her attempt suicide. Granted, she's got issues if she lets a guy get under her skin that much, but even so.....

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This story is a beat up. Her star (if she ever had one) is fading faster than anything. As such, to get in the news one last time she (and her management agency) come up with this crxp. Interesting to not that she failed at her suicide attempt (not much fun being dead).

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makes her attempt suicide.

nobody makes anybody commit suicide. Depressed yes, terribly sad yes. But you are always in charge of your own actions.

Hard to determine what happened when you only hear one side of the story.

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timorborder, that's exactly what I was thinking

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Is this really news? No one really cares. They are all fleeting anyway. Here today, gone tomorrow.

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She doesn`t sound overly intelligent.

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she looks pretty innocent, but i'm very familiar with the type. She's just looking for attention. Nobody gets called a Demon for no reason...

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this is a weird story.

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If she tried to overdose on pills, then her fans will be wanting to emulate her. A cool story to tell everyone.

Someone should educate these people on the damage to your kidneys/liver from overdoses of whatever is in the bedside bottle.

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Moderator - What is an "ex-gravure idol" (or a current "gravure" idol, for that matter)?

You use this term (and have done so before) as if it is English but it doesn't make any sense.

Please enlighten me.

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wow.. another one of my astrological twins..

believe me I had some of the same temptations.. Peace..

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