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Auditions held for AKB48's anime debut


Voice cast auditions have begun for the anime debut of popular all-girl band AKB48. Tabloid media reported Tuesday that more than 200 members of AKB48 and affiliated groups SKE48 and NMB48 have started auditioning for nine parts in the anime scheduled to air on TV next spring.

The lucky 30 will be decided in November and that number will be whittled down to the final nine parts in December.

The anime will be directed by Yasushi Akimoto, who is the producer and brains behind AKB48. Executive producer is Toshimichi Otsuki ("EVANGELION"). Details about the title, story and musical numbers have not been released yet, except that the story will be about nine girls vying to join a group like AKB48.

The theme song will be sung by the nine winners.

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I don't like AKB48 but based on the success of music-based anime like K-ON, and the fact you see AKB48 EVERYWHERE I'm sure it will be popular.

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So it's a bunch of AKB48 girls vying to perform in an animated story about a bunch of girls vying to join a group like AKB48.

Yasushi Akimoto certainly does have some sort of "brains" to have figured out how to make a fortune off this shlock.

I have another idea for him. How about a nationwide rock-paper-scissors contest to determine which AKB48 girl will get to host a reality TV show about AKB48 girls vying to perform in an animated story about a bunch of girls vying to join a group like AKB48. The possibilities are endless . . .

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Seems stupid that the own members of their group have to audition for this

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i love you guys!! go go AKB48! EVANGELION so awesome!!

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Maybe JT could start a new comedy section, This type of article would suit nicely.

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How about a "Jan-Ken" and be done with it.

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I am not so like AKB48, but it is very attractive to catch younger generation's mind and soul. I don't know such a device without AKB48. It is very unique and brand-new.

It may break something groom situation in Japan. Have some active and bright things!

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I wonder if the girls who are already the most popular will be the ones who 'just happen' to win the audition...

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Looks like they found another way to expand the AKB48 empire. As long as the world have kids and pop idols, money will be made.

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AKB48 anime auditions? Calling all two-dimensional Japanese females!

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I'm not being entertained by the entertainment news on JT.

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The cow is growing an another tit...

Commercial genius.

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Or is it consumer stupidity?

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let it be decided by 3 five minute rounds in the octagon. i'd watch the hell out of that pay-per-view event.

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Why can't this group just disappear ?!?

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lol didnt think people would be this excited for a anime.....only japan

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