Aussie actor Craig McLachlan denies sexual misconduct claims


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well if you thought at the time that such behavior would go unpunished it is reasonable that you would not bring any charge and risk antagonizing him and hurting your career.

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Great world we live in. All a woman needs to do is make an allegation and the guy is supposed to lose everything BEFORE a trial.

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There has been more than one accuser, and as far as I recall they weren’t all women.

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Interestingly it was McLachlan's own employer - ABC - that jointly ran the investigation into his behaviour. Evidently, they didnt want to cover for him as other Aussie networks have shamefully done over the years for other superstars. Make no mistake - the man is a seedy dirtbag, and his excuses for indecently assaulting the women ("I was in character... we were all acting like that") is a disgrace. There are rumours that quite a few more very big Aussie stars are going to be revealed soon as serial predators - to add to the rogues gallery that have already gone down. May they never find work again.

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I believe in justice, but it must be done legally. Hearsay in my opinion is not justice.

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This is nothing more than media defamation. The only proof of this is a couple of washed up actresses slinging poop! Innocent until proven guilty!

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Yesterday's article on the smh was pretty damning and verrrry graphic.

And agree with Burakumin, Mclachlan's excuses weren't extremely convincing.

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Seems almost everyone was at it.  I see a few more accusations after Golden globes as well.

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Elsewhere reports are more detailed than the one here. I can see why he has been suspended pending investgation. Other reports also mention that some of the accusers first went to the producers of the show who ignored them.

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Thanks for the introduction of this guy because I ain't heard of him like most Aussie household names.

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Growing up, for part of the time, on the Central Coast of NSW, I remember hearing a few rumours about this guy back then. He was very well known in that particular area of coastal NSW, but I never met him personally.

Whether these claims are true or not it's really disturbing that a guy can lose his career before any real investigations take place and genuine conclusions are drawn. We are on an extremely slippery slope with all that. There are implications for men and women working together in all sorts of industries. In terms of acting, I think the time is not far off where men and women just go there separate ways. Bro flicks and chick flicks. That's all there is. Too risky to do anything else if all it takes is an "accusation". As a male actor I would not take the risk. I can also easily imagine a scenario where a guy, falsely accused, decides on Bronson style justice because his life is already ruined regardless of an eventual outcome to a case.

Innocent until proven guilty means somebody doesn't loose their livelihood unless they are actually found guilty of some or all the charges against them. That's when people should lose jobs and careers.

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There has been more than one accuser, and as far as I recall they weren’t all women.

A method actor rehearsing his role in TRHPS, no doubt.

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