Author Murakami hosts 'Stay Home' radio show to lift spirits


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I listened to this, it was wonderful - as are the books by Murakami. Thank you for doing this!

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Good for him. Murakami sure is a great writer. Ive read most of his books - Norwegian Wood is the best.

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What a brilliant man. Him and Hayao M are both national treasures and certainly two of the biggest reasons I initially first came to Japan back in my youth.

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If you're going to write about a radio show, how about explaining it BEFORE it airs so we can hear it, rather than after it's over. Kinda' frustrating reading about something we missed.

Moderator: We did, on May 12.

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It's cool but I'm disappointed not one Japanese artist or song?

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The message is 'stay home, don't work, don't make money and don't feed your family or pay rent'. Easy for him to say, wealthy author of several best selling books.

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The message is 'stay home, don't work, don't make money and don't feed your family or pay rent'.

The thing about this disaster is that a huge amount of people have realized they dont physically need to be at the workplace. Which is a great thing. Unless you work in a factory, for example, you should be able to make arrangements to work at least 3 days at home.

A lot of the folks banging on about "open up now!" for months, likely have not had this discussion with their boss. They should. Staying home has saved countless lives.

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A kind gesture from this celebrity.

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