Award-winning Japanese actor seeks complete art


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Sometani is on track to be possibly the next global star from Japan

Well, there's the kiss of death if I ever read one.

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I don't really like Sometani that much, I think that Masahiro Higashide is a much better actor for what I've seen so far. Hope Parasyte will change my opinion [but I doubt it].

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Sometani is a quite boring actor, no matter which part, he is always playing it the same way. I wasn´t even that impressed by "Himizu" at all either, and when we consider that the most well-known winner of the Mastroianni Award is Mila Kunis for her performance in Black Swan, oh well, she is a terrible actress who didn´t left any serious impression in a otherwise really good movie. I would still think that Sometani is at least an okay, mediocre actor, but he has gotten really overrated and hyped up in the last year.

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From the article I kind of wanted to see this guy in action, so to speak, but from the comments it sounds like he's really not all he's made out to be in the former. I guess I'll have to see and and judge for myself, but I found a few of his comments a little dodgy.

“It’s a mystery. I don’t have a method, even in myself. You have to believe in the role, the blood that’s flowing in the character, the basics.”

That IS 'method'; pretty much 'method acting', in fact. Second, wearing a mask does not make you emotionless, per se, and that's why there are all types of masks.

Anyway, as for Watanabe Ken, I think he's great, but I'm not sure he's exactly a huge, international and classic success. Simply being in three or four Hollywood flicks doesn't qualify you as a big name internationally.

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Simply being in three or four Hollywood flicks doesn't qualify you as a big name internationally.

Last Samurai, Memoirs of a Geisha, Letters from Iwo Jima, Inception, Batman Begins, Godzilla, Transformers ... hmm, that sounds a bit more than 3 or 4.

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Is it just me? Or rather just my iPhone? The photos on the articles are seriously scrambled. For instance, the photo of Sometani is used for the earmuffs article, while on this article is a black and white photo of some man that isn't likely to be Sometani, the same Louvre photo is on the Louvre article as well as one about Iceland waters, Anna Kendrick is on a totally unrelated article, etc.

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Educator60, I think it's your phone, I see the right photos in all my devices.

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Thanks, Simona, The photos were fine on Friday and early Saturday morning, then totally messed up for the rest of Saturday. There were no similar problems with any other sites that I happened to look at. Now, on Sunday, the photos are aligned correctly again. I have not a clue as to why but at least they are fine now :-)

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