Axl Rose joins AC/DC as new singer


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Well, this band seems to rotate people in and out on a continual basis. The ravages of time, I suppose. Axl is a good choice if they really want to continue, but a band name change may be in order.

Or just retire and rest on your laurels.

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For me AC/DC will always be Bon Scott on vocals. But Rose would have been a good choice 30+ years ago.

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I'm with snakes9000 on this one. It's an interesting mix, throwing Axl in there, but they should retire the AC/DC name and announce it's become a new band.

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Well, this band seems to rotate people in and out on a continual basis.

What a load of bull droppings! They replaced Bon Scott 30 odd years ago.

However, ACDC died with Bon Scott. I never really liked Brian Johnson anyway. I was shocked to learn he is 68 years old though. I'll be keen to hear an Axl cover of 'It's along way to the top'.

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They should give Dave Evans another go. They haven't had so many changes since Bon joined: 2 singers, 1 lead and 2 rhythm guitarists, 2 bassists and 3 drummers in 42 years. I don't mind Axl but I would want my money back considering ticket prices.

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The Young family and specifically George might explain why AC/DC became successful......

Brian Johnson About His Audition With ACDC 1980.....


Another factor was that George Young had a bad experience with a previous band, The Easybeats, who failed in part because they dabbled in different styles of songwriting, thereby diluting their identity and confusing audiences. George counseled Angus and Malcolm to make sure AC/DC didn’t make the same mistake

Why Being A Family Business Made AC/DC The Most Consistent Brand In Rock N' Roll...


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Recently, the bass went to Malcolm's relative(nephew), the drummer was prosecuted for dirty deeds, and now BJ 's out. 75%.

Gold standard - Led Zeppelin.

Changes - zero

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I just wonder how Axl's vocals are holding up. From the last Gn'R concerts apparently it's nowhere near the Appetite for Destruction days but let's face it, everyone ages. At any rate, this should be an interesting combination. Trying to imagine Axl doing Thunderstruck.

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Sorry, I meant rhthym guitar and not bass for malcolm, obviously.

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This has been heavily rumoured for a week or two.

He's done very well out of them, but they've not treated Brian very well at the end here. Even if you prefer Bon, their representative album for most people (who don't go deep into them) is Back in Black with Brian. Some people are so eager to not give Brian credit for anything that there are even fake versions of the song "Back in Black" that are supposed to have Bon singing on them. That's the lengths some people will go to.

Anyway, messily ditching a main member for the last thirty-six years and selling tickets to fans and then switching singers on them leaves a bad taste. There is no way on earth they need the money any more.

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they should retire the AC/DC name and announce it's become a new band.

Why bother when they are going to be playing ACDC songs? It is unlikely they are ever going to release any new material. all of them are over the hill. it is just a brand name now that promoters want to wring as much money out of as possible. Music, like everything else in this world, has become just another business.

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I just wonder how Axl's vocals are holding up. From the last Gn'R concerts apparently it's nowhere near the Appetite for Destruction days but let's face it, everyone ages

At least I think he has stopped smoking and I heard he was getting into shape for the reunion, laying off the Taco Bell that definitely needs to continue. Still one of the best of all time without a doubt.

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Van-Hagar all over again. It will not be the same, but they had some good, new, songs too. I was a fan of Sammy before.

For me, GnR is like Sammy's band and AC/DC is like VanHalen. I expect to enjoy any new music they make. Sorry I missed them in ATL last time.

AC/DC and VanHalen are pretty much my 2 favorite bands of all time. Gotta love the great riffs!

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I can see them hiring Axl to finish off their tour, Guns often sing the odd ACDC song so it might be decent but not quite ACDC

Sounds like there are being harsh to Brian, the guy has been in the band for almost 4decades, now it sounds like they are treating him as a hired gun, hope that's not true!

Glad I saw them down in NZealand last Dec!

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I thought it was Indiana Jones.

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I must say, I had misgivings but the two AC/DC tracks Guns & Roses played (with Angus) at Coachella sound pretty good. Let's hope everyone (Axl in particular) can leave their egos in the parking lot.


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A real treat for the fans. Interesting to see how Axle will put his spin and swagger on some of those ACDC songs, lyrics. Ohwell it's only for 12 shows. I'm sure Axle could use the extra cash too.

Thank god Angus Young is all right. ACDC wouldn't be ACDC with him & Malcom.

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Back to the beginning may explain why the show must go on, Johnson, 68 probably for contractual commitments had to be replaced....

Lemmy - OZZY - AC/DC - Remembering Bon Scott ...


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I have the "AC/DC" Live double disc set and even when THAT was recorded, Brian wasn't sounding the same. Everything was ragged and sometimes spoken out of breath rather than sung.

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Brian Johnson's voice always seemed to be close to giving out on him. In recent years it has. Now with his hearing going as well it is hard to see how he can make a comeback (although technology might save him for a few more years). It also depends upon whether Malcolm/Angus consider Axl a fill-in or a permanent replacement. I haven't heard one way or another on that.

As much as I love AC/DC no band can go on forever. There are several Motown groups that are still going but with none of the original members. No one wants to see that happen to bands like the Stones or AC/DC. If they feel like they can go on for many more years, sure Axl could work out well. As-long-as Angus can go then AC/DC can go. Otherwise I say hang it up after fulfilling the current tour contract. They are the best. They have left a ton of good material for us to enjoy for years to come.

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I just wonder how Axl's vocals are holding up.

The band needs to actually like each other again for the chemistry to be back but the Coachella clips I've seen of Axl are totally awesome, hitting all the notes and much more in control vocally than the past several years. So happy about it. :)

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