Aya Ueto, Rei Kikukawa and Shiori Katsuna play sisters in TV ad


Actresses Aya Ueto, 25, Rei Kikukawa, 33, and Shiori Katsuna, 18, are appearing as fictional sisters in a new commercial for recruitment company Dip. "It was a refreshing shoot," said Ueto.

"I started in this industry when I was 13 years old, but before that I wanted to be a day-care worker in a kindergarten. I received my certificate of qualification in childcare and I love children," she told the crowd.

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Aya Ueto in a commercial? A commercial featuring a fictional family? A Japanese woman dreaming of being a kindergarten teacher? A crowd showing up to suck up this news? How refreshing.

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Entertainment news in Japan is NOT news. Its marketing and PR. JT needs to cover news worthy of coverage not winnie the pooh type stuff!

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Where is the picture?

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This is news? JT, with these non-news stories at least dig up some previous bikini photos of the chicks. Thanks!

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Who cares, Aya Ueto is hot!

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