Aya Ueto TV commercial queen for first six months of 2014


Actress Aya Ueto has been named the TV commercial queen for the first six months of 2014.

The research, conducted by Video Research Ltd, ran through Jan 1-June 30, and targeted five TV stations in three areas — Kanto, Kansai and Nagoya.

Actor Masato Sakai appeared most frequently in the male category.

Video Research Ltd also announced the most popular talent to appear in commercials by region. In the Kanto region, Emi Takei was most popular; in the Kansai region it was Hidetoshi Nishijima, and in Nagoya, Miyuki Oshima and Kazuko Kurosawa were most commonly featured in commercials.

Overall, Ueto appeared for a total of 148,555 seconds while representing Softbank. Her commercial ran a total of 9,179 times. Sakai, also appeared on TV for Softbank, jumped from number 40 to number two in a massive leap in popularity.

Last year's most popular talent to appear in commercials, actress Ayame Goriki, fell to No. 10 this year.

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Congratulations to an unquestionable commercial queen Aya Ueto !

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Celebrity advertising is taken to absurd lengths in this country with over 40% of advertising using some kind of local, national or international celebrity. Contrast this with around a 10% figure in both the US and UK. http://www.millwardbrown.com/docs/default-source/insight-documents/knowledge-points/MillwardBrown_KnowledgePoint_Celebrity-basedCampaigns.pdf

I only hope Ueto Aya ( the most "frequently" used talent) is getting rewarded handsomely for her over saturation on our screens.

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This explains it all: http://jameshollow.com/blog/japanese-advertising-industry-nutshell/

Written by an advertising professional in Japan, explains in detail why there are so many celebrities in Japanese advertising.

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Ah, ignorance (of Japanese TV) is bliss...

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I once asked a Japanese person why so many adverts showcase celebrities... Her answer was straight forward: If companies did not use top list celebrities, people would wonder if that company was financially OK.

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Best Commercialist? Or Advertisementist?

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One thing we all agree is that she is cute and cuteness sells!!!

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You get a lot of value for your buck. Celebrities assure that ads, with their high production costs, get noticed.

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I wish I could have a permanent hair cut!

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