Ayumi Hamasaki starts national tour


Pop diva Ayumi Hamasaki, 33, kicked off a national tour this week at Saitama Super Arena.

The tour, which celebrates the 14th anniversary of her professional debut, is titled “HOTEL Love songs.” The stage is set up as a fictitious hotel, with Hamasaki performing as a hotel employee. Her costumes include a maid and lobby employee. She starts the concert by saying to fans: “Welcome to my hotel!” Songs include “evolution” and her new single, “how beautiful,” from the new album, “Party Queen.”

This is Hamasaki's first tour since she divorced her ex-husband, Austrian actor Manuel Schwarz, 31. The tour consists of 28 performances in 12 cities until the final performance in Fukuoka on Aug 28.

Hamasaki told her opening-night audience in Saiatma: “I wish to send my message of love to all my fans through this tour."

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"HOTEL Love songs" or "Love HOTEL songs"?

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I have a newfound respect for her after seeing her most recent album cover.

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since she divorced her ex-husband

Now this makes me laugh. I always thought you divorced a spouse, but apparently you can divorce an ex as well. Yo Mod, shouldn't it say "after she divorced her husband ..."?

Then again, didn't Liz Taylor remarry an ex only to divorce him again, so indeed it is possible to divorce an ex.

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Can't believe it's nearly been ten years since I bought her Loveppears and Duty albums.

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i can't imagine her staying popular much longer. lots of her songs sound exactly the same, but isn't that what all j-pop is about?

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That and the talent has to be less than 29 years in age.

and there's got to be 47 others with you too. (>_<)!

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The tour, which celebrates the 14th anniversary of her professional debut, is titled “HOTEL Love songs.

Had to re read that a few times as I thought it said Love Hotel

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You know that noise you hear when someone's fingernails are scraping a chalkboard?

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Nice!! I wish AKB48 too starts a national tour soon!!! I will be the first to camp.

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there is a comma, then his name is written, so the grammar is correct, her ex-husband.

Given that she is deaf inone ear, I think she deserves a lot of praise.

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I heard she doesn't use a manager...

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Given that she is deaf in one ear I think we deserve earplugs. She was chronic on that NYE show.

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