BABYMETAL to release new album next April

By Preston Phro, RocketNews24

It’s been nearly two years since BABYMETAL released their debut album in 2014, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that fans have been eagerly anticipating a follow-up. And though the group is still relatively young, we expect a new album will be even better than the debut, which made fans out of metalheads and J-pop lovers around the world, thanks to the last couple of years of touring.

As you would expect, the announcement of a new album—to be released on April 1, 2016—has set the Internet aflame with expectation. Of course, we can’t help feeling a touch of trepidation about the album coming out on April Fools’ Day…but no one takes five months to prepare an April Fools’ Day joke! (We hope.) The album name and artwork have not yet been released.

A few new songs are already floating around online and you can probably find some if you look hard enough. However, “Road of Resistance,” embedded above, was the first song officially released for the new album, featuring guest guitars by DragonForce and a live video with an enormous circle pit.

In addition to the new album, BABYMETAL will also be launching a 2016 world tour in April, with the first stop at the SSE Arena Wembley in London and the final show at Tokyo Dome. Some information about the world/U.S. tour has also be released, so check here to find out if the band will be coming near you next year.

If you can barely contain your excitement, you may want to preorder the album, which can be done through BABYMETAL’s official online store. T-shits, hoodies, and other album packages are also available if you want to advertise your love for the Fox God’s devotees all day long.

Sources: BABYMETAL, YouTube/BABYMETALofficial

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...no one takes five months to prepare an April Fools’ Day joke! (We hope.)

The best April Fool gags are set up months in advance.

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what a racket! I've just listened to there last cd on you tube something about chocolate,,, well Sazuka san looks hot,

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a very safe and nonthreatening choice...metal without the teeth...next is baby punk? Or baby noise rock?

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I just watched this vid: Nice rip-off of Spielgerg's "E.T." movie logo. Then there's the, "All Metal Roads lead to Japan."

More like UK & USA, San Francisco had (has) the best scene ever. Get rid of the Lolitas and they're not too bad of a band.

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