Babymetal’s new album, 'Metal Resistance,' is out

By Preston Phro, RocketNews24

While, there are still pouting haters complaining about Babymetal and their false metal, but it’s honestly difficult to hear them over the music of "Metal Resistance."

To be fair, though, "Metal Resistance" isn’t a pure metal album — there are plenty of pop and electronic elements in many of the tracks, which will likely turn off anyone who listens exclusively to “trve kvlt metal.” But that’s never what this album set out to be; it set out to be a fun album and, guess what, that’s exactly what these 50 minutes of music are: Fun!

“Road of Resistance” is a great start to the album, and the track doesn’t need much in the way of introduction. The DragonForce guitars give the song a fun, over-the-top feel. Following this, “Karate” keep up the pace with some solid guitar work that’ll have you punching the air while screaming along with the girls. It’s the kind of song you can imagine playing at the climax of an action movie, though the movie would definitely have to feature animated animal ninjas.

“Awadama Fever” is the most Babymetal track on the album — the mix of pop, electronic, and metal elements with squeaky clean production make it like a game of tag played by anime characters in your head. It’s placement in the track list is perfect — it’s a fun break after two straightforward metal songs. “Yava!” follows with somewhat ska-flavored guitar riff and electronic elements. The breakdown towards the middle also has a good heft to it that injects a nice shot of metal adrenaline.

“Amore” starts with Su-metal’s vocals square in the middle, letting her carry the song for a while. The song really lets her shine and it’s fair to say that a huge part of the strength of the track is the young woman’s singing. And then we have “Meta Taro,” a song that Su-metal has described as being like an anime song. My favorite part of this track is its rhythm — it make “Meta Taro” a playful edge.

“From Dusk Till Dawn” is a hard 180-turn from “Meta Taro.” It starts with a dark atmosphere and drums before building into a headbanging rocker. When the vocals finally come in, they’re drenched in effects, giving the song a haunted feeling that builds and builds like a torrential rain threatening to flood a river. “GJ!” follows with the kind of gang vocals that first made Babymetal so damn catchy while also pummeling the listener with some relentless riffs and drumming.

We then move on to “Sis. Anger”, which takes a page from countless death metal bands and starts with an ominous audio clip (from the book of Revelations), followed by the distinctly classic metal “No Rain, No Rainbow,” a mid-tempo ballad with solid guitar work and strings. Here, too, Su-metal turns in an especially noteworthy performance.

“Tales of the Destinies” features some quirky vocals and frenetic guitar work, which combine to give the song a chaotic feel. The stop-and-go rhythm and guitars are almost disorienting. Personally, I like it, but I can see it being a bit frustrating for some listeners.

And finally, we have “The One,” which was the single that I enjoyed the least. Nevertheless, it’s a solid track and a great to close the album, and depending on your tastes you might find more to love about it.

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Metal is always ripe for parody (Who can forget Spinal Tap?) but the question always comes to mind, is this parody? Even if that is what it might seem like to overseas observers. There is so little parody in Japan (even though almost everything is just sitting there ready for it). Most everything is taken seriously and literally. So, I can only conclude that this is the same. And to be creative in Japan is effected by either adding something "traditionally Japanese" or making it cute. This seems to be the latter, rather trite, route.

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is this parody?

If a parody cannot have its own parody then no.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

So, it's a resistance against metal? Sure sounds like it.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

'Hater', is a commonly used 'shout down' to deflect negative criticism that has more than a ring of truth to it. I won't harp, my music abilities, vocal or instrumental were defined in early childhood attending Elementary school, when music teachers saw me approaching used to securely lock away the instruments and padlock the piano. So I won't criticize Babymetal for their musical acumen.

What's undeniable is the nature of the branding and an unmistakable idol based contrived commercial cynicism attached to Babymetal success story....

Hannah Ewens dispatch is an insight into the PR marketing machinery assembled by Babymetal management agency Amuse......... Nothing Personal: Babymetal Don't Like Answering Questions


0 ( +0 / -0 )

What a racket!

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Thanks, itsonlyrockandroll, for the link.

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Hi Moonraker, If not already viewed, this Metal Hammer article might be of interest to.... "BABYMETAL: When worlds collide".....A heads up on metal enthusiast who worked in media promotions, manager/founder Kobametal, plus translator, Nora....

Their accompanying Kami Band is composed of a revolving line-up of musicians who are “summoned by the Fox God”.....


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Its a money grab. Its a formulated attempt to make money in a never been done before format. Its the machine at work. Its no different than One Direction systematically, just a different genre of entertainment aimed at one thing only - money. Everything else is dressing and BS.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Another sign of decline.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Wow. What a bunch of whiners. With regards to the many comments of this being some sort of racket, why not transpose those ideals into a different medium? How about movies? Using the same logic, we should only be watching movies made by a small groups of people that are making movies purely for the sake of art. Some sort of magical investment from a source that has nothing to do with corporate interests (???) would market these pure movies and there would be no input from production whatsoever so as to preserve the movie's purity. The end result would be a movie that I guarantee that you probably wouldn't be caught dead watching.

How about video games? I dare any of you to play a video game that hasn't followed a very similar production formula as to that of the one the production staff of Babymetal utilized. I'm willing to bet that most of you that are video game players have a favorite that falls into this category.

How about cars? Again, following your logic, you should only be driving a car that was built by a company that had absolutely no assistance in the production of the vehicle through consultants, subcontracted design specialists, marketing firms and contracted assembly plants. Unless you're wealthy and can afford a custom built car, you're either building your own car or walking... oh wait! If you are wealthy, you probably invest heavily in companies that break the "pure" rule...oh, and custom shops usually build off of existing platforms so I guess you're SOL there too.

What I find especially amusing is that prior to the late 60's, the so called "pure" rock band format that I think you might be alluding to, did not exist. Every musician that performed anything was first and formost an employee of the company, and the company was responsible for nearly everything because they were the ones putting their stakeholder's investments on the line. If the musician garnered a favorable reception, then "artist" (and I use that term loosely) or their manager could lobby for more creative control and a greater percentage of the profit. Of course I was only talking about the **perception of a "pure" rock band format. Make no bones about it, every band signs a contract giving up a percentage of creative control to any production company that sells the bands product. With that in mind, make sure that you are only listening to artists that are bankrolling their own production and recording on Audacity in their bathrooms and garages. They probably have a little blurb in their liner notes that say "No investment from dirty money was used in the making of this album." Additionally, the band does not exist that does not want to make money off their music. It's really hard not to eat and drink for lack of income due to a stubborn clinging to amazingly unrealistic ideals.

In the end, if it is just that you don't like Babymetal, then God bless you. You are a human being with varied tastes and interests. It's ok to not like them. But just be honest and say so. Don't create a non-existent and impossible standard of what a musical genre should and shouldn't be just so you can look like one of the "proletariat vs. bourgeoisie" kool kids. With all due respect, you just wind up looking like an ignorant hypocrite.

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I'ts a great album...and I'm pleased they are the most successfull Japanese Artist overseas...

0 ( +1 / -1 )

I'ts a great album...and I'm pleased they are the most successfull Japanese Artist overseas...

That's because the lead guitarist and drummer are pretty good at what they do. The 3 Lolitas (who know absolutely NOTHING about metal) are just there for show. Look at this vid:


Again. Pretty good guitars & fast-loud drums. Get rid of the Lolitas. You don't see Slayer, Exodus, Children of Bodem, Slipknot etc. featuring Lolitas with mics. Its all about the MUSIC, not how they "look."

-3 ( +0 / -3 )

@Bakashimizu Support you all the way dude!!! My thoughts exactly.

I like Babymetal... as much as I like Metallica, ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Blur, Molotov, Ariel Rot, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs or the Black Keys

And the vocals of Su-metal... well she is a one hell of a singer... despite what Wc626 opinion is... I think Babymetal have a pretty good set of voice too.

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I've been a metal fan since I was a teenager. Babymetal however isn't my cup of tea, and I'm not into them. You know what I do about that?

...I just don't listen to them. But anyone else can go ahead if they like it, and good for them for listening to what they enjoy.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

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