Backstreet Boy Nick Carter sued over alleged 2001 rape of teen


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I don't understand this constant sueing. If he raped her, arrest him.

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Today 07:31 am JST

I don't understand this constant sueing. If he raped her, arrest him.

Simple the law to prove rape and the ability to get a jury to get a rich guy to pay out.

The rape charge need proof and the laws are strict.

A law suit you just need to convince a few idiots that it is only money and common sense goes out the window.

Remember the McDonald's hot coffee, common sense don't drive with a paper cup of hot drink between your legs.

But the lawyer with a poor old lady convinced a jury to make McDonald's pay her for getting burn by her own stupid actions.

After the trial several people from the jury in interviews said McDonald's was rich and could afford to pay and they felt sorry for the old lady.

This was the poster child case for frivolous lawsuits.

So today just accuse any rich and famous guy (note only men) of sexual assault once the statute of limitation has passed.

You must wait for the statute to pass because if you don't you will be required to file charges and that requires proof and there are criminal penalties for filling false police reports.

This is why such lawsuits are rare in places like Canada with no statute of limitation, juries ask why haven't criminal charges been filed.

Duke university lacrosse team incident is a good example of why only civil lawsuits.


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 forced her to perform oral sex on him on a tour bus after a show in 2001, and then raped her.

Forcing someone to do that is RAPE. She wasn't consenting, didn't want to do it, so forcing somebody to do that to you is raping you.

Then of course, the other act would be a rape. This means that she was probably raped two times,

Rape is always about force and fear. If the other party doesn't want to do a sex act on you, and you make that person do it or succumb to it without their consent, then it is rape. Period.

And three other allegations have popped up. Rick Carter might be a Backstreet Bad Boy. And that's not a complement.

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If he did, pay the consequences.

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Forcing someone to do that is RAPE. She wasn't consenting, didn't want to do it, so forcing somebody to do that to you is raping you.

Yes and why wait 21 years to make the accusation?

So last year when had she come forward it would have been refer to the police for investigation but now the statute of limitation expired last year no investigation.

The alleged crime took place in Washington state, but they file the lawsuit in Las Vegas Nevada because the legal requirements are far less strict than Washington state.

The combination of waiting one year passed the time to file criminal charges and filing the suit in more easily winnable Nevada, are far to coincidental than to just be a "I finally got the courage" moment and a more money time moment.

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I agree with Antique, something very fishy here. There’s a lot of ghastly women who will try and make money from innocent rich men with claims that have zero evidence. This is what happens when you have immature and regressive trends like the Me Too movement.

Of course there have been female victims of awful men but te fact that we are told we must believe any woman’s claims, encourages the dishonest and maybe mentally ill to make false claims without fear of any punishment.

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Nobody really knows what happened. There will be no physical evidence and waiting 21 years makes her story a bit suspicious.

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Not condoning any violent action by anyone.

Another factor weighing on some cases is the greed of some lawyers. Witness the exponential rise in the whole personal injury industry.

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This was the poster child case for frivolous lawsuits.

Like legitimately losing an election and filing 62 bogus lawsuits because Quisling Don can't accept the fact that he LOST the 2020 election.

Rape effects a person years after the action. It's based on fear and intimidation. it's a hard thing for a person to carry, like a Yap money wheel coin. Even worse, this woman is autistic and has palsy and apparently Nick took advantage of that for his selfish ends. rapists often do. And 99.99% of rape allegations are true.

It remains hidden and submerged for years but it takes courage to come forth with it and expose it. And Ruth is not the only one here. If Nick is guilty he MUST pay!

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