Taylor Swift's video shoot ruffles feathers in New Zealand


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Would love to see what this bird looks like. I love birds.

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This is a beat up about nothing. Bethels is a lovely place on the west coast with some fantastic fishing off the rocks. But when the tide goes out (as I am assuming it was at the time of this shoot) then the low tide sands are massive. I am sure they were well away from any birds other than the occasional curious seagull. Had this been anyone other than Ms Swift we would never hear about it.

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shonanbbNov. 27, 2015 - 09:07AM JST Would love to see what this bird looks like. I love birds.

There's this one web page called google which I've heard can tell you all sorts of things, perhaps it knows what this mystic bird looks like

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Cannot blame Taylor for this, her production company is at fault. Ms Swift is one of the biggest philanthropists around and I wouldn't be surprised if she donates a ton of money to their cause after this fax past.

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What's the big deal? TS is a civilized person. They ought to be thankful that the same rap crew (and unruly onlookers) from New Orleans wern't in town.

The local beaches and wildlife would have been sprayed with automatic gunfire like swiss cheese.

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Shonnanbb...they are really cute. Maybe like the Japanese little black and white bird. The don't fly so much, kind of hop and run. So cute. But who cares? Nature is not important for some people, even if the bird is critically endangered. Humans need to learn some respect.

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There are a heck of a lot bigger environmental violations in name of Capitalism than this. There is a damn good reason the birds are almost extinct....they are doing it to themselves with a wildlife version of Darwin award. They build their nests on the beach, with no protection from predators at the high tide mark??? ReallY?!?!? I am surprised the species has lasted this long...damn cute little bird though!

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