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Baldwin 'reckless' in fatal film set shooting: new lawsuit


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Tragic for the families of the deceased & physically injured yet, it seems some posters in the first days of the story were correct in presuming:

- “Experts say a rash of civil legal action is expected in connection with the tragedy.” -

“Last week chief lighting technician Serge Svetnoy sued Baldwin and others alleging negligence.” -

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The ‘acknowledgement’ @zichi 9:20am above @9:14am was intended for those others that presumed, at the time, there would be additional lawsuits aside from the gunshot victims, pointing out the periodic “ambulance chasing” litigation by parties not ‘directly’ injured in such tragic events.

With all due respect, I recall your initial comments may have inferred a possibly of murder” or something more nefarious that gross ‘negligence’ ? - (Or, maybe that was just an ill-timed attempt at humor in the wake of some tragedy, to which, I may also have been guilty at times.)

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Lawsuits - it’s the American way

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Criminal Negligence. Book him, Dano.

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We are on Baldwin side! He is innocent.

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Fair enough then @zichi 10:29am You were “not being humorous” but at the time it read like you were referencing the plot of some popular American TV show like Murder, She Wrote:

*- @*zichi Oct. 22 1:03pm “Sounds like Murder Who Done It?”

and your absolution of Baldwin, at the time, read as rather, well: ‘absolute’:

“Baldwin is not at fault.”

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That doesn’t surprise me in the least.

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yes, I posted on the first day there would be lawsuits, you dismissed my post on that.

Well it's kind of obvious. You can get sued for using the lavatory in the USA. The most litigious society in history.

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Sorry to dispel that media-sensationalized myth @N.Knight 4:38pm but according to recent studies, the U.S.A. is actually 5th and NOT: - “… The most litigious society in history.

According to the European American Chamber of Commerce:

*“Myth #5 – The US is very litigious and the risk of liability & lawsuits is too great. - **There is a common misconception that the U.S. is the most litigious nation in the World. This is simply untrue. *

While it’s true that the U.S. has a large number of lawsuits crowding its courts each year, it barely cracks the Top 5 of most litigious countries in the world.

In his book, “Exploring Global Landscapes of Litigation,” Christian Wollschlager notes that the litigation rates per 1,000 people shows that European nations top the list of the world’s most litigious countries.

Here is a list of the top 5 most litigious countries by capita:

Germany: 123.2/1,000

Sweden: 111.2/1,000

Israel: 96.8/1,000

Austria: 95.9/1,000

5. U.S.: 74.5/1,000

The Top 10 includes the UK (64.4); Denmark (62.5); Hungary (52.4); Portugal (40.7); and France (40.3).

As you can see, the risk of lawsuits in the U.S. is less than in Germany, Sweden, Israel, and Austria, and not much greater than the other countries listed in the top 10.

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So an actor is handed a gun he believes to contain at least blank rounds, he self rehearses a scene, the gun fires a live round, kills one and injures another... and it's Baldwin's fault?

Those at fault here are the armourer, for not ensuring the gun was safe, and the person in charge of props on set. Why a lighting person and a script person are suing is beyond me... were they injured? No.

The again, Americans would sue if they saw an ant being eaten by a little bird for the trauma caused in viewing the ant's demise.

Baldwin isn't at fault here. Armourer and props person are.

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Baldwin is absolutely at fault here. His negligence and blatant disregard for firearms safety is the crux of the issue. He belongs behind bars.

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