Baldwin expects no charges over fatal movie set accident


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Ultimately he pulled the trigger and the law there says that the person handling the gun had full responsibility for what happens. "They told me it's unloaded"is not a good justification for him not doing what he was supposed to do, and that it check himself if it's indeed unloaded.

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He pulled the trigger. Did he know the gun was loaded with live ammo?

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It was an accidental death however......

Alec was the executive producer. He is ultimately responsible for everything from choosing the armorer to on-set practices (there as target shooting going on on-set that allowed live rounds to mix with blanks.) He is ultimately responsible for the fact that the prop gun even accepted a live round. He was the boss. It’s his responsibility

And not for nothing. It was his finger on the trigger.

I don’t believe that he meant to pull the trigger. I don’t think he wanted anyone hurt or killed.

But he pulled the trigger whether he remembers or not. There was no other way for the gun to discharge.

There is a point at which negligence - being wantonly careless - becomes so bad that it constitutes criminality.

That will be for a prosecutor and if necessary a jury to decide, not Alex Baldwin.

And his constant blame-shifting is quite frankly off-putting.

He really should shut his yap.

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You guys seem fixated on the fact that he is guilty of the woman's death. I don't see him denying that, and the points you make about him being the one who pulled the trigger are valid. He said he doesn't think there will be any CHARGES stemming from it. If a child picks up a gun they find in the home and it goes off, something that happens FAR too often in the US, by the way, and someone is hurt and/or killed, I don't think we ever see charges for the kid who did it. You might for the people who left the gun lying around. Now, that's another point -- he's the executive producer. While it's true that he has ultimate responsibility for the project, I don't believe someone loading a prop gun with real bullets unknowingly to him is in any way his fault or responsibility, especially to the point of charges.

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Following his "I wonder how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone,” on Eric Esparza's self defence, karma definitely exists.

Now Alec can answer his own question.

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Baldwin showed poor judgement,he settled with the estate,he probably had production insurance

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It is incredible! Why use a gun with real bullet?? I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes!

A really tragic story

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