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Baldwin used gun as 'pointing stick' on 'Rust' set, court hears


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Gasp. Baldwin didn't respect the firearms on set or firearms safety? Shocking...

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I actually have some liking for Alec Baldwin, but this slackness and shockingly lax discipline with prop guns with him and on his movie set is unpardonable.

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I think all actors using guns on set as props or even replica guns, should be fully educated and require a course on gun safety they must all pass before being permitted to handle any firearm. With refresher courses before each movie or television show that will require their character to handle one.

With such courses and "qualifications" there can be no assertions of ignorance, and no reason for not following safety protocols at all times. In the past actors have died whilst using blank rounds in guns while on set. Brandon Lee's tragic death comes to mind.

Guns are not toys and handling them like a baseball bat, swinging it around in a manner not intended, and without a thought of the danger to self and others, is unacceptable in such a professionalized industry.

Even after accidental deaths, things seem to end up continuing without much changing.

In security, and the armed forces, you must undergo safety lessons before even handling any firearm. Moving from one profession to another, from the army to a security job after your service, you must still do the same safety course and pass before handling a weapon, even if you used them for years as a soldier. Take nothing for granted. Never point a weapon at anyone whether it is loaded or not. Always make a weapon safe when it is handed to you. And take responsibility for checking your ammunition load when handling a loaded weapon.

From the sounds of the movie set, so many basic safety procedures were not followed, and the result was a death and another injured on set. it could all have been so easily avoided.

Who is responsible? Both the on set armorer and the shooter bare responsibility. Both need to face justice for their actions that led to a death. Manslaughter? It seems not to have been premeditated murder. Jail time for both seems to be an appropriate penance, as well as fines that should go to the estate of the deceased, and to the survivor that was injured.

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Not looking good.

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Looks like someone not trained on firearm safety but that is about it.

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My main asking point is that why oh why do they not use replica guns on film sets, there is no need for usable firearms? From a lot of the evidence I have read, there are quite a few who are responsible for what happened, yet Hannah Gutierrez was chosen to throw under the bus, and the whole thing just forgotten about.

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