'Batman v Superman' signals a new dawn for DC Comics


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Almost every review has said this movie is sophmoric and dreadful.

That should ensure success in the movie world of today.

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Haven't seen it yet, and didn't know it was released yet either. I've heard some bad reviews about it...like, too long with no plot.

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I saw it, and agree with Youtuber Jeremy Jahns.

"Its a good time....If you're drunk."

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It's exactly what the trailer shows you. If you think the trailer looks good and want to see 2 1/2 hrs of that, you won't be disappointed. If you think 2 1/2 hrs of that will be torture on your soul, you won't be disappointed.

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The movie is excellent and thankfully nothing like the joke-thons that are now the tired old marvel formula. If you like dark superheros, the best special effects, iconic superheros and the greatest superhero fight scenes ever filmed, then this film is for you. If you prefer avengers hanging out in a farm house and Robert Downey cracking jokes.... stick to the same old, same old.

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Crossover stories like this are a great idea.......WHEN YOU'RE 8 YEARS OLD. Alien vs Predator, Superman vs Batman, Robocop vs Terminator all sound great on the playground, but studio execs who greenlight crossover fiction should be utterly embarrassed. I can't think of a single crossover story product that received acclaim of any sort.

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Crossover stories like this are a great idea.......WHEN YOU'RE 8 YEARS OLD.

Comic fans love it though. Maybe not necessarily this movie, but the Justice League.

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The animated Doomsday movie was better. I recommend it.

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An unrated, gruesome, unfiltered version of‥……

LOBO would set a FIRE for DC!!!

If done right, could possibly even match Dark Knight!

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Based on the comics, they need this for Justice League

Like Spiderman with The Avengers

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It was mostly panned by critics and reviewers. I think I'll pass.

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Critics & reviewers (especially the online versions who believe that just because they can type words & "publish" these words that their words "count.") have been given more power than they should have. Make up your own minds & decide based on what you have actually seen. Sure, it's a gamble, but it's what I've been doing since as long as I can remember (I've been around nearly 50 years) & I never once let a critic or reviewer influence my decisions to see, listen or read anything. My "system" words & at least if something that I have seen, listened to, or have rad turns out to be "bad," at least I came to this conclusion on my own.

Anyway, that's my informed opinion...

Regarding Batman versus Superman (I'm too old to use the "hip" letter v in place of the actual word... Sue me!)... It looks like fun. It looks like there is good acting involved, good special effects, good action sequences... I'm in! I'll be taking my wife & kids to see it on Thursday at the nearby IMAX theater. Should be entertaining... To say the least.

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I went and saw it today. Let me just say that it's nothing like the Nolan-directed films, but definitely stays true to the Snyder-directed films (he also directed this one). Was enjoyable, but also serves as a testament to just how special the Nolan trilogy was.

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Guess I'm waiting for this to rent. When I first saw the trailer for it I was automatically turned off. Dunno what it was, but I just though to myself, "Why Batman v Superman?" It would have been better if they just did, "Justice League: Begins" Instead of concocting some bizarre reasoning to get Batman and Superman to fight, which would have made more sense if it weren't the whole focus of the film to begin with.

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Saw it last weekend...It definitely had flaws and IMO Lex Luthor was horribly cast and Lois Lane was a waste of life, but Ben Affleck was a great Batman. This definitely isn't a genre changer, but it was alright. They tried too hard to set up for the Justice league and they had way too many story lines which led to many plot holes. The best parts honestly were Batman's. I just hope going forward, they learn from their mistakes.

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I saw it opening day, and overall it was OK, not the worst movie out there. But thanks to Superman and Batman for showing up in front of the Toho Cinemas in Kabukicho. If you didn't see it, they put on a nice street performance. Personally, I think it just had too many stories lines from two Epic story arcs from comics. Frank Miller's "Dark Knight Returns", and the other one I can't mention because it will be a big spoiler. I've read that the movie was originally 3 hours long, and they trimmed it down. The editing left big holes in the film, and they failed to explain some missing elements in the theatrical release. I'll wait to judge after I see the full version on DVD.

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Weekend estimate: $166.1 million US, $420.1 million global

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Seen it twice. Don't listen to the reviews. If the trailer floats your boat, then that's exactly what you're gonna get. Go along not expecting high art and you'll enjoy it....

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