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'Batman vs Superman' and Hillary doc tie at Razzies


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Celebrities should pick up their Razzies with a sense of humor - they'd at least get some kudos for taking the criticisms along with the praise they get when they do a good job.

Like Halle Berry did and got a lot of goodwill for personally accepting her Razzie award for Worst Actress:


BTW, there's also another Razzie Award that's been waiting to be picked up for the last 25 years:

Back in 1991, Donald Trump won a Razzie for his cameo in “Ghosts Can’t Do It,” earning the Raspberry trophy for “Worst Supporting Actor.” The movie also earned the top award, “Worst Picture,” as well as “Worst Director” and “Worst Actress,” after telling the story of a man who kills himself and then tries to convince his wife to commit a murder so he can inhabit the younger man’s body (and presumably “do it” with his wife again).

C'mon guys, have a sense of humor

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Shavelle McGee!

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I loved "Batman vs Superman"... I'm not a chin-stroker, all I want is to be entertained... and I was. Doesn't deserve the panning it gets.

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I loved "Batman vs Superman"... I'm not a chin-stroker, all I want is to be entertained... and I was.

I enjoyed it too.

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Me likey too. Rotten Tomatoes critics score: 27%. Audience score 64%. What critics tell us they like != what people actually like.

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There are grown up children who watch Superman and Batman in USA and several channels are available everyday in Cable channels.

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