Batman's crime-ridden Gotham metropolis comes to Fox TV


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These shows may look good on paper, but you can't compete with cable or online by giving the people a milquetoast TV drama with no real language or violence. I was disappointed with SHIELD, too. Very bland and predictable drama with a bunch of unnecessary characters acting way too over the top.

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How bland this show is going to be. Birds of Prey V2 right here.

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They should film this new drama in Kabukicho.

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No mention of Bat Girl, the daughter of Commissoner Gordon., @Serrano: Kabukicjo? No suspense of Bat activities there. Crimbing buildings. Also, Bat Cave will be modernized. Instead of fake IBM 360 and way old slow printer, maybe laptops? Ding dong phone in commissioner's office to communicate batman will be replaced. Who will be the butler who is the only one knows batman;s true identity.

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