Beach Boys to reunite at Grammys


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The Beach Boys burst onto the pop music scene in the early 1960s with hits like like “Good Vibrations” and “Surfin’ USA.”

Actually, Good Vibrations was not one of their early songs. It was released in 1966. By then the Beach Boys had pretty much established themselves as a successful band.

Perhaps it would've been better to write:

The Beach Boys burst onto the pop music scene in the early 1960s with hits like "Surfin' USA" and "Surfer Girl".

Both "Surfin' USA" and "Surfer Girl" were released in 1963 when the band was just beginning to make waves. :D

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God only knew would happen...

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Wouldn't it be nice if ... some people knew when to call it quits?

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The mind of Brian Wilson is totally fried out on pot. The man is barely there. I wish him success in keeping it going.

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@yagura, you're right--"Good Vibrations" was recorded under the newfound pressure of having to compete with the Beatles, and Brian Wilson becoming increasingly perfectionist and paranoid. For example, I've read that over 400 hours of tape were condensed to create that little 3 or 4 minute song. That was around the same time that the band recorded their cult classic Pet Sounds, which retained so many stereophile devotees that decades later they reissued a 4-disc box set anthology just for that one album.

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The mind of Brian Wilson is totally fried out on pot.


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Maybe that should be "400 hours of master recordings edited to make 'Good Vibrations.'" The way I wrote it sounds like they overdubbed everything, which would clearly make it a cacophonous racket.

Anyway, what really makes the song is the theremin breakdown. For anyone interested in that unusual instrument, I recommend the documentary called Theremin about its inventors disappearance from his New York instrument business (despite rumors that he was captured by the KGB, he most likely just flaked out and chose to return to the USSR to his eventual misfortune) and decades later return to his old haunts in America after the dissolution of Soviet Union. Brian Wilson makes one or two hyper appearances that liven up the film.

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Talk about needing a cup of jo. I thought the title said Beach Boys to reunite at Granny's

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Torafusu, it wasn't actually a theremin, though the device used was similar. Have a look at the Wikipedia article:


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