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Beat Takeshi, Ken Takakura reunite after 26 years


Beat Takeshi, who stars with Ken Takakura in the drama "Anata e" (To You), says the 80-year-old veteran is like someone from a different world. The stars last appeared together in 1985 in “Yasha.”

Takakura plays a prison counselor whose wife (Yuko Tanaka) dies at 53. Fulfilling his wife's wish to have her ashes scattered in her hometown, he embarks on a road journey, meeting all sorts of characters along the way. Takeshi plays a teacher. The cast also includes SMAP's Tsuyoshi Kusayanagi, Tadanobu Asano, Haruka Ayase, Koichi Sato and Mieko Harad.

Takeshi said working with Takakura was like standing in front of a statue of Buddha or saint.

The movie is scheduled for release in the fall of 2012.

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Very good actors, indeed! Can't wait to see the movie.

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Beat Takeshi. "I can't. He is just to cool."

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In Europe, Beat Takeshi is known as an extraordinary film director and quite unlike his image on TV over here, he is extremely polite and friendly. As for Takakura Ken san... Is he married ??? (I'm still free...)

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Takakura Ken married Eri Chiemi in 1959 but got divorced in 1971. He's been single since. He's 80 years old!

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@Antonios_M: I agree with you 100%!!

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... Age is of no importance... Do you have a 'phone number for him ?

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You can scatter them but need to notify the local city-office as to where and when you want to do so. There are limitations & quota per area, ditto for scattering at sea.

Said that with Japanese cremation you usually get the bones, cremation for scattering the ashes is more involved and costs more(needs to be prearranged).

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I am 99% positive it is illegal to scatter ashes in Japan.

The 1% wins again....:-)

There's a list of famous people who have had their ashes scattered in Japan here - http://www.sankotu.com/090_/ (only Japanese, sorry) The list includes Hide of XJapan, Yokoyama Atsushi (comedian) and Ishihara Yujiro (actor, singer, brother of the other one). Ishihara's ashes were initially interred as it was illegal to scatter ashes in Japan at the time he died (1987), but later some of the ashes were scattered in the sea in accordance with his wishes.

Today it isn't illegal, but you need permission from the landowner if you want to do it on private land.

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See the movie and find out.

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I have only met Mr.Takeshi one time, seemed like a nice guy to me, here in Tokyo, so I do hope his new film is a great success! Maybe he can make a new movie and if he needs a mexicano, like me, well, here I am!

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Beat Takeshi

Okay, if you insist.

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Beat Takeshi was on TV last night. He was wearing a zany costume with a weak pun on it, and firing pingpong balls at a group of tarentos who found it so funny they fell over. Then somebody shouted a bit, and Takeshi pretended he couldn't understand what they had said. Then I went outside and began work on my noose.

4 ( +8 / -4 )

@ Ivan ha ha! I'm sure the Takeshi fanatics would insist he was "holding up a mirror to society"; that his repertoire with the plastic hammer is "cutting edge"; that he is the best political/social observer in Japan. I'm with you...hand me the rope!

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As for Takakura Ken san... Is he married ??? (I'm still free...)

Yes - he is available - but sadly too old to...ahem...consummate the marriage...

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Give me the rope too. The man is cruel and mean, and I do not find that funny at all. I turned that show off last night immediately. Went out to find the rope, but Ivan obviously stole my rope.

I plan on having my ashes taken out by my surfing 60 year old buddies I have become friends with this past year, and have them spread at sea. How would anyone know?

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Seems to be that people base their opinion of Beat Takeshi on one weekly show out of what 9? Yeah, he is the clown on that show(mondays) but if you look at everything he has done over the decades ...

2 ( +3 / -1 )

I have. All clown shows and extremely cruel. But the Japanese like bullying so let it be. I cannot change them.

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Including the show about medical problems(Tuesday), the weekly news review(Saturday), etc? Guess you get different TV-programs from me.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

I've worked with Beat Takeshi in person he is not so crazy etc...that is just for tv!!

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"IlNe jugez pas sur les apparences" (Don't judge by appearances) I also look quite "different" on TV...

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I'm very sorry to hear that...

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I've worked with Beat Takeshi in person he is not so crazy etc...that is just for tv!!

After the 2010 winter Olympics, I watched a TBS program and Beat Takashi was the guest. TBS had a cardboard cutout of Asada San doing the move where she would grab her skate from behind, holding the skate. Kind of like doing the splits on one skate. Anyway, This cutout was near Beat. He grabbed it and licked it couple of times. Crazy indeed.

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Ken is soo handsome. Is he available? Does he have any children? I want to kiss him specially when he does the chin and lips clinching which is his trademark in all his movies. Where is he living now? Never mind if he's too old... I think he can still perform in bed...hhmmm,.. yum2x...

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