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Beatles album 'Sgt. Pepper' named most popular in UK


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No surprise here, but I read somewhere that 1:4 UK households had a copy of 'Dark Side of the Moon'.

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I’m a Beatles fan but this is the Beatles album I probably listen to least along with With the Beatles. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds is an obvious classic along with A Day in the Life and I like Lovely Rita and Getting better.

Maybe I’m missing something but it doesn’t touch Revolver for me. I think if the White Album had been stripped down to say, 14 tracks, it would have been the best Beatles album and probably the best album of all time for me.

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Sgt Peppers certainly deserves the accolades as the greatest album.

Technically, conceptually and musically innovative to the like that had never been seen. It influenced so many.

For me I probably like the White Album better - for no major reason other than it through the proverbial spanner into the concept of what is an album. So diverse in it's offerings, Helter Skelter, Happiness is a Warm Gun, Revolution 9, Piggies etc etc. And it ushered in the whole start of the demise of the Beatles with all their in-fighting and Yoko appeared on the scene to complicate feelings. I managed to see (but sadly didn't buy) the original cover with all of them incl Yoko nude. (my father worked for HMV/EMI at that time).

This stuff was all off the planet. Then I found Hendrix.

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A great album for sure. Possibly my 2nd or 3rd favourite from the Beatles. Unlike places 2 and 3 it is likely to continue being streamed and purchased well into the future.

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For me I probably like the White Album better - for no major reason other than it through the proverbial spanner into the concept of what is an album.

I just think there are too many songs on it that don’t cut the mustard - Revolution 9, Wild Honey Pie, Savoy Truffle, Rocky Raccoon, I Will and Good Night don’t do it for me.

Sexy Sadie is a neglected masterpiece. What a song.

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I prefer Revolver too. I find it hard to believe Sgt Pepper sold more copies than TDSOTM.

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What about Abbey Road?

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Wasn't it the first "concept album" - like you could draw a straight line between Sat. Pepper and Purple Rain? Of course technological innovations arise, but the artistry is permanent.

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IV is the best UK album ever, but that's just me :). Sgt Pepper was such a groundbreaking work, no surprises it got voted..

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Pepper is good but if it's the Beatles' then it's Abbey Road for me. That album just flowwwwws. BTW, I don't think Adele's album should be anywhere near the top three.

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George Martin their producer stated his biggest mistake was not putting Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane on the Pepper album and instead allowing Parlophone/EMI to issue them as a Double A sided single.

Had those 2 been released on the album instead of as a single there would be zero doubt about the greatness of that album.

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Pleased it's not Adele. :)

It's not my favourite album of all time, but I think the best Zeppelin album is Physical Graffiti. Since it is partially a compilation of old tracks, I think it stands as a vote against giving the "album as a complete oeuvre" idea too much sanctity. In many genres aside from rock, the best albums are mostly or all compilations.

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I wonder where Led Zeppelin (first album) ended up on this list.

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Palease magical mystery tour is much better

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Palease magical mystery tour is much better

It was never an album in the UK. Just a double EP.

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