Beatles fans come together for 50th anniversary of Abbey Road photo


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A great album, a fitting testament to the band, and if the Beatles had only put out this one record with its fabulous "closing medley of unfinished scraps" by Paul they'd still be regarded as one of the greatest bands of all time. All that, and the iconic cover.

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Hard to believe people get so excited over a pedestrian crossing!

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Hard to believe people get so excited over a pedestrian crossing!

Shibuya Hachiko crossing? Though that's of another scale entirely. When I lived a couple streets from this studio, you would see a few groups of people each day doing the Beatles crossing, sometimes briefly blocking traffic to get their pictures. I wonder if the recent tourism boom has made it worse?

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OMG, like Trekkies.

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And tourists have been doing this every day for fifty years.

Not so amusing for local residents and taxi drivers stopped at the crossing.

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Possibly the best Beatles album. Took me a long time to appreciate it as such. Was always Revolver or the White Album, when I was younger but now...

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Paul himself walked a dog across this street for his 'Paul Is Live' CD. And for the video for his hit 'Spies Like Us' it was himself, Dan Ackroyd and Chevy Chase walking this crossing in the night time.

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Fans don't realise the crossing now on Abbey Road isn't the one used in the photo. It was moved several metres a few years back to aid traffic safety.

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