Belarus leader forces Hollywood's Seagal to eat his carrot


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It's "green thumbed". On another note, perhaps Seagull can back Trump on the stump.

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Seagal's movies all made in Eastern Europe or funded bu Eastern Europeans. they are incresingly bizarre and low rent. and he doesn't seem to do anything but lend his name to them. He is a really lardass now and uses body doubles for all the action and fight scenes. Pity. Nico and the couple after were ok action movies.

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"fingered" in Britain.

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South Park are gonna milk this!

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"Footage posted by the presidential press service showed the authoritarian leader picking up a long carrot, quickly peeling it and handing it to the black-clad martial arts star who was visiting his country residence.

“Here you are: eat it for your health, it’s very good for you,” said Lukashenko, wearing a tracksuit top and baseball cap, as Seagal chewed politely."

Doesn't sound like Steven was forced to eat the carrot, heck, if someone offered me a freshly peeled carrot, I'd eat it.

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Belarus leader forces Hollywood's Seagal to eat his carrot

no innuendo there at all

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in an awkward encounter that prompted much mockery

..like everything else involving Seagal.

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I get the feeling that this headline can be so very easily misunderstood

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His first 4 movies were really good, but it went downhill after that. Everything by him is pretty much straight to DVD and it seems like every time I see the guy is getting fatter and fatter. He's pretty much as has been in the States of that crowd with Van Damme and Rourke (another Putin admirer) all these men have something in common besides making bad movies, they were all charged with domestic violence or battery. That said, Seagal should eat more carrots and less meat, maybe he can shed some pounds if he goes vegetarian.

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Damn I figured he lost some bet & as a result had to eat a carrot, instead he was just offered a fresh carrot & ate, nothing to be seen here.............

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This "news story" has been completely twisted in order to make it "newsworthy". steven seagal eats a carrot offered to him. big deal, Id have done the same without hesitation. This makes seagal an object of mockery???

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