Beloved Japanese manga 'One Piece' heads into final chapter


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THANK GOD !!!!!...

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I've been reading the manga for years. I bet that this chapter will be the longest one yet. In consideration to those who don't read the manga or haven't read it up to the latest chapter, I'll just say that there's still a lot of story to cover before this reaches its very end. I'm just hoping that this series doesn't rush its ending like some manga did. Once this is finished, this should be considered as one of Japan's best modern literature.

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Just go away silly cartoons.

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arghhh good news for a change!

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I am a huge fan of manga and animation but one piece has never been attracted for me. So many better mangakas than Oda are making great manga and are not published. And shueisha will not let Oda to go away so easily....look Naruto's end and now boruto...

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Legendary manga! Thank you for the many years of entertaining us with your colorful imagination.

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At last!!!

But before you go, I have this question, "One Piece" of what???

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a bit too late...but better than never...

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My phone has trouble writing one piece simply the way I want it to. The Manga seems to be stronger than the ordinary meaning, and comes up with this: ONE PIECE

Dang, Bill Gates.

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A live-action adaptation by Netflix is also in the works, with fans speculating it could catapult the franchise to global household name status, on par with "Star Wars" or "Harry Potter".

One piece does have its charm. However, these fans are really, really thinking too much.

"A break for me!" he wrote in a handwritten announcement posted on the series' official Twitter account. "I want to rearrange the structure (of the manga) so that I can wrap up the final chapter as soon as possible. Soooo... Forgive me, but I will take a short breather to prepare for it all!"

I predict that after some years the series has ended. A new prequel or sequel will start, especially if the author's new work is not too popular. I can be wrong but this has happened many times.

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But IP holders will not let it go. Expect a "Two Piece" sequel like Boruto of Naruto.

SPOILER: Also "One Piece" is actually "Want Peace"

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