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Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner announce divorce


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No celebrity marriage is solid kids or no kids. Jay-Z/Beyonce, Bradgelina, Will/Jada lookout!

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The children are still so small - hope they can adjust well... don't know the background but I tend to think Ben should have been a bit more supportive of Jennifer and the kids.

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LoL, Ben's sporting the Jeremiah Johnson look-

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Who really cares who gets !married or divorced are they friends of yours, more important than the happenings(marriage, births, divorce of deaths) in your own family, friends that don't make the headlines.

Priority's I say who is more important?

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Who really cares who gets !married or divorced are they friends of yours

Well, I'm guessing that nobody held you down and forced you to read the piece...

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Bennifer my barse. Showbiz news loves this kind of "nickname" and also the prurient looking into these folks "relationships". I guess 10 years was pretty good for a known horndog like Affleck. Maybe he will step out with one of latest celebs in the spotlight..... I'm sitting on the edge of my seat.

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Garner must have become a republican.

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