Bernie Taupin, Elton John's lyricist, would like to have a word


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Madman Across the Water was the best collaboration of Taupin and John, for me. At the time of its release, I listened to it over and over. It wasn't the peak of his popularity as a pop artist, but as a musician, his music with Taupin's lyrics were sublime. Levon. Tiny Dancer. Madman Across the Water. Indian Sunset. All the Nasties. Goodbye. Incredible songs and the lp of those days, the jacket and lyric booklet influenced a generation.

Elton was known to take a Taupin lyric and then make the music and form the song. It was seemingly backwards in MO from most others, but John was inspired by the deeper sense of words and meaning that Taupin had the gift of writing, and he wouldn't have been the great artist he became without Bernie.

It was a remarkable symbiotic relationship, and fans like me, from the beginning, knew of Bernie Taupin as the greatest rock lyricist of the time, and because of Elton's talent, the music lasts to this generation. Bernie certainly deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

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sunfunbun - bang on the money...absolutely 100% agree

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@ sunfunbun

Madman across the water is sublime.

I think Tiny Dancer is so many people's favourite Elton and Bernie song, even though it wasn't such a big hit in the US, and failed to chart the first time around in the UK in'71.

One of those rare albums without any hint of a misstep.

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