Bernstein family defends Bradley Cooper from 'Jewface' storm


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Many Jews (and Arabs) have prominent noses. A nose does not an antisemite make. This same nonsense caused a brouhaha in the UK when Martin Rowson, one of the world''s greatest political cartoonists, had to issue a mea culpa just for doing what caricaturists always do: exaggerating a person's physical features. His drawing a nose that some compared to the "jewfaces" illustrating the notorious, anti-semitic Nazi tabloid, Der Stürmer, unleashed a bogus outcry from the right ending in an abject apology. The Bernstein family understand: "INTENTION" is everything, innit?

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Actors do this all the time to get into character. Gain weight, lose weight, etc.

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It's a fact. Why does everyone have to play the victim. Most stereotypes has basis in truth.

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The prosthetic he wore was not that big. It is was a very accurate replica of Bernstein's nose. It probably wouldn't have even been necessary, if Cooper just had a normal nose instead of the tiny, pointy little thing he currently has in the middle of his face.

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Uh oh. I'm not Jewish and I have a long pointy nose. Do I have to cut it off now?

But if I do that, I risk offending people with short noses. What a dilemma! Quick, somebody tell me what my face should look like.

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Excellent marketing for the film.

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Clickbait article.

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Critics said the decision to wear a fake nose plays up to Jewish stereotypes, and have dubbed it "Jewface," in reference to the historic "Blackface" practice of non-Black performers darkening their faces for roles.

Getting a suntan is darkening. Putting shoe polish, etc on a white face is much more than that; not to mention the caricatures and stereotypes they played up within the character. Changing your nose's size and length and changing your whole face's color are not in the same league. That said, if his family has no issue with it then it's a non-starter to me. It would be interesting if there would be outrage had the opposite been true and Cooper had a bigger nose than the Jewish character he was portraying.

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Others have questioned whether non-Jewish actors, like Cooper, should even play Jewish roles.

This line of thought really annoys me.

Do we also need to start employing convicted murderers to play roles in crime movies?

It's ACTING, it's not a documentary. People need to be able to distinguish fiction from reality. He's not wearing a fake nose and walking around town trying to convince people he's jewish.

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Actors jobs are to play the part of other people, either made up or historic. This include costumes to authentically look like the person they are portraying, as well as physical alterations via diet, prosthetics and yes even skin tone.

It is better but for, but not essential, that gay people play the parts of gay people, disabled actors get parts for disabled people and racial accuracy is followed. Sometimes it is either not possible to reasonably do that, and other times the director simply wants a certain actor to play the part no matter if it is accurate or not.

Everyone seems to have a varied preference on this, but personally I am not bothered by an actor actually acting the part of someone far away from who or what they are. The quality of the movie as always, depends on the writing, directing, wardrobe, location and quality of the acting.

And no, I have no issue with black face, Jew face, white face or anything else as long as the actor is good enough to make it believable for the story. They are simply actors delivering entertainment, and I take it in that vein.

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So there’s something wrong with a “Jewish” nose but not the giant Italian “Roman” nose?Or just because he’s not Jewish? Hypocrites. Criticism kind of falls flat since Cooper apparently has the family’s blessing.

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None of the people who are related to Mr. Bernstein have a problem with the make-up used to make the actor better resemble the composer. The whining is coming from the loud minority of the weak and weird that should either be ignored or mocked.

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Of all my relatives, only Beverly Silverman (Sills) had a big schnoz! The rest of us are rather small.

But actors need to play parts, so whether a big fake nose or even a black face, if the role is to be believable, one must do their best.

My feelings are never hurt by phenotypical thoughts. Looking forward to seeing the movie.

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I guess that is Hollywood getting their nose in everyone's business!! Most of my polish friends are laughing at it because they says Hollywood is full of pinocchios.

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