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Bestseller Musk biography to be adapted into film


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with the billionaire seen as struggling to recognize that technology and sheer will power will not create miracles.

He is also struggling to recognise that the vast majority of people in the world view him as a spoiled, egomaniac halfwit.

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Sounds incredibly boring.

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If Nicholas Cage was involved, and I waited for a half price session later in it's season... I'd probably watch it.

However, they say Kathy Bates has similar facial features to Musk... though, Cage looks better in a black leather jacket.

Difficult call.

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Yet another book I won't be reading and film I won't be watching

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A top-selling biography of billionaire Elon Musk is being adapted into a 'B' film. There will be countless millions queuing around the blocks just to avoid it............LOL!

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