Beyonce slays at MTV Video Music Awards; Drake honors Rihanna


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Beyonce owned the MTV Video Music Awards by winning video of the year and giving a 16-minute performance featuring her recent hits from “Lemonade,” working various stages with strong, layered vocals, skilled dance moves and even an outfit change — all as the audience watched in awe and cheered her on.

what an absolutely trite opening sentence to describe a trite unnecessary event.

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I actually remember a time when female singers didnt have to cavort around the stage in their underwear with a troupe of dancers. its laughable but kinda sad.

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“She’s someone I’ve been in love with her since I was 22 years old,” Drake said as Rihanna blushed and the audience cheered loudly. “She’s one of my best friends in the world. All of my adult life I’ve looked up to her even though she’s younger than me.”

Surely Rihanna blushed because she thought 'omg I actually dated this bloke who can't even speak proper English'.

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Gondorak, Yes, indeed ridiculous. Plus if he has always loved her blah blah blah why they not together?

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Lol can all the negative folk here just relax? It's funny complaining about multi millionaires. They ride the train all the way to the bank while you remain grouchy. Who's content at days end then?

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If you watched any MTV show you would think that the world only had a dozen talented people. Its just big business and not much different to karaoke because most the time you wouldn't even see or know a band existed outside of their studio.

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What a farce.

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Wow! There are a lot of envious and miserable people on this article.

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i guess it is PC to say Beonce is cool, but I think she is too big, dresses like a bimbo and not very entertaining. I realize its not the PC point of view.

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As long as they're doing something they love and making a living out of it

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