Bieber arrested for drag-racing, drunken driving


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Bieber needs some serious discipline from a relative or friend who is not afraid to stand up to him and tell him to stop acting like a jackass just because he is famous and rich.

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Hey Justin, can you pick up the soap?

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He should get together with Miley Cyrus. They'd make an exciting couple.

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Send him home already.

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Give him the max punishment, in gen pop. Then, "ask" him to go home to his mommy and daddy.

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And this is news because?

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Please, please, PLEASE let this fool fade from public view sooner than later. He gives real jackasses a bad name.

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This comes from a combination of arrogance, and being surrounded by enablers (people that can't say no).

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Police say Bieber was clocked at around 60 mph (100 kph) in a 30 mph (50 kph) zone.

In a Lamborghini.

Dude should be arrrested for not knowing how to drive a Lamborghini right!

Only 60 mph?!?! You could do 60 in a Lambo just by accidentally pressing the gas pedal! LOL

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true,a sneeze abd your over 100 in a Lambo. take any liberties with it and it'll come back and but you in the backside...

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Strike 1: He has a habit of racing thru residential areas, Strike 2: He likes to drink and drive, Strike 3: Just a matter of time before he kills somebody. Let's see you sing your way outa that one.

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The smile in that mug shot just irks me. Throw away the key !

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Even a US news caster said that the smile was inappropriate, to me it shows how serious he is taking this.

He needs a good slap around the lughole, considering his behaviours while on tour too. From getting banned at places like the Hotel Sacher, etc and not forget abandoning his pet monkey.

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Marilize legajuana!

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aha he's your problem now Americans, no givesy-backsy. No, seriously, please don't send him back here...

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How about we do "Janken" and see. Whoever loses has to keep him!

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aha he's your problem now Americans, no givesy-backsy. No, seriously, please don't send him back here...

It's not inconceivable that he would be deported....

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This guy and Lohan should become a couple.

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According to U.S. immigration law, authorities do not revoke an individual’s visa unless the person has been convicted of a violent crime or been sentenced to more than one year imprisonment.

This law is pure stupidity

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oh,well for rich and famous,"money talks"....

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The court with jurisdiction over Beiber's DUI should throw the entire book at this out-of-control asshat, and that includes mandatory jail time. Having staff in his employ block off public roads? Drag racing under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs in a Lamborghini? In a residential area? The jerk's a public menace.

And it's not like he's a first-time offender, either. Ask any city unfortunate enough to host his tour. This brat has wreaked havoc everywhere he's been.

Sadly, however, the perfect triumvirate of fairness of skin, presence of testicles, and thickness of wallet will likely result in a very light slap on the wrist.

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