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Bieber is latest child star to battle public fall

By Michael Thurston

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There was a petition to have him deported that had over 100,000 signatures in just 6 days. Under normal situations if you are a foreigner and have problems with the law you are going to be deported....unless you're Obama's relative.

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Whilst i can't stand the little you-know-what, I can see how being that young with all the fame and endless cash would turn you into something like this.

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Those 100,000 petitioners must be the parents of young girls. I think those girls were planning to start a huge protest for "Free Bieb"

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He doesn't have to be deported as he is in Toronto. However, he should be refused re-entry.

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There's a very simple solution to these young international celebrities. Japan refuses entries to those with criminal records and so does a lot of other countries. His home country can disallow departure or re-entries so effectively he cannot go on tours and his performance career is not worth the charges he has accumulated. Many says that at 19yrs he is 'still a kid' but in such cases, he should be charged as an adult and suffer the same punishments as adults. I suspect the culture of the country he is from 'closes one eye' to his actions and the police are not allowed to proceed beyond a certain unseen line. Highly paid lawyers wait on the sidelines if they do so.

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Charges were all false, he has been charged with nothing, media and cop beat up.

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Eminem hit the nail 100% on the head with the song "We made you". Everytime I see a celeb scandal or someone going off the rails in the media, I get this song in my head...

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Under normal situations if you are a foreigner and have problems with the law you are going to be deported....unless you're Obama's relative.

That's not true. There are rules to whether or not someone is deported when they have problems with the law. Bieber has not hit that threshold.

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“He is not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nation’s youth.”

Ummm.... sorry, but that is not a quality limited to certain nationalities, and particularly when talking of youth in the US -- whom we often hear of taking mom or pop's guns to school and killing others. Boot him out, by all means, but not because 'he's a bad influence on our kids' -- if he's a bad influence indeed it's not going to stop at the border.

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He is charged with normal teenager behavior. What's the hell!

But if anyone makes a petition to get him out of Radio airing I will sign it right away! LOL!

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The picture shown is his booking photo taken at the police station.

His parents are even more nuts than he is for he getsillegal meds from his mother and his father go with him to get drunk and get in trouble with the police.

This comes striaght from his statement given to police during his booking directly from him. With parents as those no wonder this kid is three bricks shy of a full load.

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Hes definitely not worth the effort to talk about. Im out.

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Please just let him burn out.. The sooner we get rid of this talentless self centered little twonk the better. And I vote that we send him to Canada's Northwest Territories

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"Passed 200,000 signatures"

No Way!?

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A lot of young singers today don't really have talent- what they sell is notoriety via provocative performances and choreographed scandals. Notoriety is what keeps them in demand and in the news.

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In Japan any agency would have finished their contract with Justin. Here the good example is the priority. But in USA they can't do anything because money is the priority.

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