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Bieber not welcome in China over past 'bad behavior'


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Hmm. I thought it would have simply been due to his music.

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The Beijing cultural bureau did not specifically mention Bieber's 2014 visit to Tokyo's Yasukuni Shrine, which honors millions of mostly Japanese war dead, including convicted World War II war criminals.

So it's the author that is trying to reach for an explanation and stir the pot without any proof. Everyone should be familiar with what that is called.

China does not want his antics in their country, and that's their right.

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i thought it was because he slept with a monkey?

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Not surprised he is also bannef in many places in the west like Hotels, etc.

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I think his mere existence is enough of a reason to not accept him in any country lol.

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Smart move, China.

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Maybe NK will take him... and keep him!

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Now, if only the Canadian government would have the same common sense....

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Oh please let him in! We don't want him out here...

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The Anne Frank House debacle was proof enough that he's a vacuous eejit with no sense of decorum or sensitivity.

It's expected that pop stars will misbehave, especially in their youth but this chap still needs to do a bit of growing up.

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China is hating on Bieber. Just let him in already.

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These people are just being cautious as they are susceptible to cultural revolutions....imagine a billion people covered in tats and chanting

"Oooooooohhhhh, Cause all I need

Is a beauty and a beat

Who can make my life complete

It's all about you,

When the music makes you move

Baby, do it like you do"

It's powerful and could lead to the downfalll of the Marxist dictatorship leading to a geopolitical destabilization in the region and possibly WW3.

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So it's the author that is trying to reach for an explanation and stir the pot without any proof. Everyone should be familiar with what that is called.

What is CNN, Alex.

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Nor surprised he's banned. Doing a Nazi salute.

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Looks like he belongs to one of those gangs not likely welcomed at the Onsen.

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Pointless to single Bieber out when all the other artists China/Beijing does allow to perform have their own issues and poor past behavior to contend with.

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The shrine is seen across Asia as a symbol of Japan's perceived lack of penitence for its past imperialist aggression,

Not true. Former President of Taiwan and other Asian leaders have visited the shrine. It's only Communist China and their Korean anti-J minions who have perpetuated this issue.

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As much as I do not enjoy Justin Bieber as much, coming from China about "growing up" a little bit disingenuous when you treat Nobel peace laureate Liu Xiaobo badly resulting in him unable to receive proper treatment for cancer and die.

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I think Wham were the first western pop group to play in China, back in the day. Not sure if much missed George Michael sang "I don't want your freedom", mind.

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