Disney streaming debuts with hit brands


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What is so difficult about a world-wide launch?

It all streams online.....

Take a lesson from the UFC.

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Disney now owns 20th Century Fox studios too

Name a show or movie in history, and there's a good chance it's either of those two

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No rush to it. Website/ App not working here in the states.

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Had money ready for Disney... guess I’ll be hoisting anchor and setting sail for The Mandalorian then.

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YuriOtaniToday 12:48 pm JSTDisney? How BORING! They are the "elevator music" of movies.

Yes they are plenty clunky + junky but the Hallmark Channel has all those maudlin 'holiday' rom-com flicks with beautiful women, beautiful men, phony 'family values' sediments and icky 'ob-la-di ob-la-da' story lines that are proven to be carcinogenic to rats because of the sickening saccharine level in them. And from October to January that channel shovels these movies by the dump truck load.

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Disney? How BORING! They are the "elevator music" of movies.

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No Japanese announce date yet!

as afanofjapan mentioned, we already have Disney Deluxe in Japan, which is basically the same thing.

Before I was using HikariTV premium channels with Disney Junior, Disney, etc, but with Disney Deluxe you get most of the shows plus movies. And obviously on-demand.

I agree the UI on Fire TV feels clunky. And I've had a few issues where I had to enter the activation code again, which never happened with any of my other apps. Also they should just call the app Disney Deluxe instead of Disney Theater or whatever. Needlessly confusing for first-time users.

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Is this different to the Disney Deluxe channel that they released a few months ago here? That also has all/most pixar and starwars movies on it and Starwars etc. I am signed up on the trial, and i think i will continue on afterwards - it is the only streaming service here that has english for ALL their kids content.

The app UI (on Fire TV) isnt so great, and i feel it is a bit slower to stream than Prime, Hulu or Netflix, but its useable and at last i have my kids watching English content (without having to mess around with firewalls and DNS settings etc)

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No Japanese announce date yet!

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