Bill Cosby sued by 9 more women in Nevada for alleged decades-old sexual assaults


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Im not denying that these women were sexuallly assaulted by Cosby.....but why wait " DECADES " to come forward....how about , 1 hour later or at least the next day when there is still a chance of getting some DNA evidence ???. .....and would they have come forward decades later if he was a broke bus driver ??? Just wondering.

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japancat- all good questions.

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All good questions....

Earlier this year, a Los Angeles jury awarded $500,000 to a woman who said Cosby sexually abused her.

Maybe this is the answer?

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No forensic evdence.

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Forensic evidence is not required in a civil case.

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All good questions but it's not like only one or two women are accusing this guy. Even if 50 of them are not telling the truth, which I seriously doubt, this guy is a serial rapist to the max. What a lousy POS. He should rot in jail until his life ends and forfeit everything he owns. Just being accused by that many women is really telling. Hope they get all of these lowlifes who use their power and influence to prey on vulnerable people, not just women.

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“Civilization had too many rules for me, so I did my best to rewrite them.”

. . . Bill Cosby

You certainly did!

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MocheakeJune 17  01:09 am JST.............Great comment, we women will never be safe until every one of these skumbags is locked away for good. ...ps..Sorry, I meant 'Me' when saying 'we women'.....if you are male your comment is even better.

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