Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran join global climate, vaccine concerts


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the irony

raise awareness about climate change,

the amount of fuel, energy, and the logistics required for this pomposity


pretty sure that only a certain class with disposable income can pay for the tickets for this pomposity

and vaccine distribution.

gather everyone together to celebrate the egos of this pomposity

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Environmental activist Billie Eilish still lives in her childhood home in Los Angeles.


L.A. is right on the coast. You know, one of the coasts that the environmentalists tell us will be underwater within the next 20 years because of rising sea levels.

She's not alone, of course. So many of these environmentalists live in swanky coastal areas that are too expensive for regular people like you and me -- places that they tell us are going to be underwater in just a few years.

Barack Obama just threw himself a big birthday party at his estate right on the coast in Martha's Vineyard. (While he's lecturing everyone else about taking COVID precautions, that is, but that's another topic.)

Why did he invest in a $20 million home right on the beach if he, like Ellish and so many other environmentalists, believe in this global-warming, rising-sea-levels stuff?

And don't even get me started on these people's yachts and private jets.

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Great. They will make a tiny amount of money and only "raise awareness" with the already believing fans.

Only their careers and wallets will benefit from this self pleasuring.

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