Billie Eilish releases theme song to forthcoming James Bond film 'No Time to Die'


American teen pop sensation Billie Eilish, fresh off her big Grammy Awards victory and an Oscar night performance, has released her much-anticipated official theme song to the forthcoming James Bond film "No Time to Die."

The four-minute ballad, a haunting song of betrayal and despair co-written by Eilish and her older brother, Finneas, and performed to an orchestral arrangement, was posted on Thursday to YouTube and various music streaming sites.

The recording, itself titled "No Time to Die," was produced by Finneas with a musical arrangement by Hans Zimmer and Matt Dunkley. The track, released by Eilish's Interscope Records/Darkroom label, includes veteran British session musician Johnny Marr on guitar.

Eilish, 18, becomes the youngest artist ever to write and record a James Bond theme song, following in the footsteps of such stars as Adele, Madonna and Paul McCartney.

The song's foreboding lyrics more than suggest a romance that meets with a decidedly unhappy ending, as Eilish sings in a chorus:

"Fool me once, fool me twice/Are you death or paradise?

"Now you'll never see me cry/There's just no time to die."

The movie "No Time to Die," the 25th title in the James Bond motion picture franchise, is due to arrive in theaters in April, with Daniel Craig resuming his title role as the British secret agent for a fifth and final time.

Eilish is slated to perform the theme song live for the first time at the Brit Awards in London Feb. 18, ahead of the March 9 launch of her North American arena tour, Interscope said in a statement.

She had widely been expected to debut the Bond single at the Academy Awards show on Sunday, but she sang the Beatles'"Yesterday" during the telecast's in memoriam segment instead.

Two weeks earlier Eilish swept the Grammys by taking the four top prizes - best album, best record, song of the year and best new artist - becoming only the second musician to win all four categories on the same night.

Eilish wrote and recorded most of her debut studio album -"When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" - with her brother, Finneas, 22, in the small bedroom of their Los Angeles-area home.

The album, including such hits as "When the Party's Over,""Everything I Wanted" and "Bad Guy," ranked as the No. 1 album of 2019.(Reporting by Steve Gorman; Editing by Sandra Maler)

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Simply beautiful! Amazing artwork from the two of these young people! Congratulations, and thank you. Hope Eilish and Finneas inspires the youth in Japan as well.

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forthcoming James Bond film

Is that the one with the female James Bond? Screw that, I had enough of Hollywood woke insanity.

-1 ( +6 / -7 )

Is that the one with the female James Bond? Screw that, I had enough of Hollywood woke insanity.

If they make a female Bond, her name will be Jaimie or Gia. If they had done this 20 years ago, Jaime Lee Curtis could have filled the role.

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In general, I love that every Bond theme song is newsworthy. I miss the days when soundtracks and theme songs were relevant parts of (non-children's) movies.

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So the Stormfront boys have now been told to hate James Bond and Billie Eilish?

KentarogaijinToday 01:10 pm JST


You said it.

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haha - Spot on Alfie. This is Japan Today - you know you are not allowed to comment here anymore unless you and pansexual, do not identify of any gender, are of indeterminate race, and have any sort of wealth, right?

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Song is pretty good, but never takes off. Oh well, still a good song.

Is that the one with the female James Bond? 

No, but it does feature Lashana Lynch, basically a stereotypical angry black woman who also has to cut Bond down to size.

The Bond girl is still hot though, and not thicc, thankfully.

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Not a fan of Billie Eilish (not really aware of her music) but the song in the trailer was good. Mysterious, foreboding, a sense of finality. I like it.

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Is that the one with the female James Bond? Screw that, I had enough of Hollywood woke insanity.

?? James Bond is a black trans lesbian. Read the books. It's canon.

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It's not a bad song, but it's sleep inducing. What happened to the old intense Bond themes like Live and Let Die or A View to a Kill? Even the Chris Cornell song from Casino Royale was pretty good. But the last few Bond songs have been slow, boring ballads.

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Is that the one with the female James Bond? Screw that, I had enough of Hollywood woke insanity.

No, he's a white middle aged man.

Is that ok with you?

I'm hoping the next Bond will be a one legged black lesbian, purely to annoy the gammons. Unfortunately, this seems unlikely as all things "woke" are just reactionary fantasies.

Hiw about the song?

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Song is pretty good, but never takes off.

it's not a bad song, but it's sleep inducing.

Agreed, just when you think it's gonna kick off it fades. Musicians gotta stop making James Bond themes and just make a good song instead. Still, I suppose it's better than the 'bizmal Spectre and Skyfall efforts. Haven't heard a half decent one since Goldeneye

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It's growing on me. Much more interesting than the Sam Smith effort a few years back.

Is that the one with the female James Bond? Screw that, I had enough of Hollywood woke insanity.

It's the new Bond movie with a female 007. James Bond is still James Bond. MI6 has both male and female agents. Not sure why this terrifies some people?

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