Billy Connolly joins 'Hobbit' cast


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They should have stuck with Del Toro as the director..Peter Jackson did a good job with the Trilogy but the Hobbit has a much darker feel to it and that is one of Del Toro's strong points. I mean before the Lord of the Rings the only Peter Jackson film I could name was "The Frighteners" which was great, but that was it. I am sure the movies will take in tons of cash...I might even go to the movies...which I have not been since the Lord of the Rings. Regardless of who directs it I am looking forward to seeing it.

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Finally Billy Connolly getting an opportunity to show his skill. He should have been the 'Unckle Argyle' in Braveheart (which I have seen 56 times now). Billy Connolly is the funniest man alive!!!

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He should have been the 'Unckle Argyle' in Braveheart (which I have seen 56 times now)

Well, that's sumthin' we'll have ta remedy, isn't it?

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I used to be a big fan of this bloke until I met him in the early '90s and found out what a thoroughly unpleasant get he is.

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Oh great, now I can imagine him riding a black stallion like a Harely across Middle-Earth doing stand up where ever there is a crowd.

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Great Comedian and he will also being a voice-over for the "The Brave" Animated movie.

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@Ivan Coughanaffalot: So you were a fan of his acting until you found out he was unpleasant in person? Look, I don't know if you saw caught him on a bad minute or if you spent a whole week long vacation with him in Bali, but I am pretty sure you can still be a fan of his acting even if he is an ass in person.

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Cantankerous. Perfect choice.

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redandblack - I was working at a TV studio which was employing both Mr Connolly and myself on a project (me as a researcher, he as Billy Connolly).

I'm sorry, but when somebody spends a week being as petty, objectionable and head-up-his-own arse arrogant as this has-been was, I kind of lose any motivation to admire anything about him. He's a pee-rick.

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And incidentally - a fan of his acting? No. I will concede he used to be a very talented comedian, but his acting? Come off it.

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This could either pay off or it will blow up in their faces. Either way I'm still looking forward to these movies. Loved the books and loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and hopefully these will live up to them.

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Can understand Ivan..same thing for me when I saw Sting spit the dummy on News Station one night because they kept him waiting...cant admire people who aren't nice no matter how good they are at something..

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Bit big for a a hobbit?

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